Bank Holiday outing #Countrykids

Who can resist going out on Bank Holiday when the forecast is dry?  Yes, you’ll have the traffic to contend with and trouble parking but it’s usually worth it!

So as it was forecast dry we invited my son and grandson to a trip to Roath Park in Cardiff. (DIL was working!) I made up a picnic to take with us and we headed off with the balance bike, picnic, teddy, toy cat and ball in tow! We found a parking spot and headed to the park.

We’ve been to Roath Park many times, it’s great for everyone, gardens, greenery, paths, kids playground and the lake with all it’s wildlife.

Ashley rode his balance bike, he’s still very slow on it so please don’t all shout that he should be wearing a helmet… I know.. Daddy is getting him one!!

We took some stale bread to feed to the ducks, geese and swans. Ashley held some out for the swans but when they came near he dropped it.

We headed over to the playground, it was very busy, Hubby took Ashley up to the big slide and he insisted on going down head first! At the bottom he shouted ‘again’ so his daddy took him back up. He also liked bouncing on the jiggly see-saw – well until he saw his bike! He climbed on and we were off again!

roath park

We found a nice spot and a bench to have our lunch then headed off to a bit of lawn to have a kick about but Ashley was having none of it. Now that he can control the bike on his own there was no getting him off.

We had a lovely few hours at the park – sunshine and fresh air!

What were you up to over the Bank Holiday? If you were out and about why not link up:


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


2 comments on “Bank Holiday outing #Countrykids

  1. It sounds like an idyllic bank holiday spent outdoors in the sunshine! It’s great to hear that Ashley is doing so well on his bike and enjoying it so much. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  2. It looks like a brilliant day out. You’re right – bank holidays are all for getting out of the house! Loving Ashley’s hat by the way! #countykids

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