Week 18 #Project365 – 2014

The week started with a quick visit from the Salesman/Owner of a local double glazing company to tell us that the doors we ordered had arrived and they’ll be fitting them on Wednesday.

Well Wednesday came and  Hubby noticed a big van parking on our next door neighbour’s drive.  Hubby went out to ask if they had the right address as it was the same company we ordered from. It soon became apparent that they were at the wrong address and not only that they had also mistakenly measured up for our neighbours back garage door and front door and not our 2 back doors!
This meant they had 2 doors that were not needed and neither would have fitted ours.  They measured ours and said they would reorder them – they weren’t looking forward to telling the boss!!
How can they get it wrong you ask?? Well our house name and the next door have similar names – were are * * House and they are * * Farmhouse.

Still their mistake meant we could still go to the cinema – Orange Wednesday this week was Locke.  A very unusual film as 99% of the film is just one actor in a car driving down the M6 to London. The film revolves around him having telephone conversations with his boss, a colleague, his wife, his sons and the woman who is having his baby. When I read the synopsis I wondered how the film would hold your attention for nearly 90 minutes but it does.  The only thing I REALLY didn’t like was his welsh accent – it didn’t sound like any welsh person I know or have ever heard!  It’s not like him being welsh had anything to do with the storyline and the actor isn’t welsh..
Hubby wasn’t keen on the film but like most men he has doesn’t like listening and prefers a bit more action.  I really enjoyed it (except for the welsh accent!)

Hubby had a job interview for a local food distribution warehouse. What a bloody joke! It was via an agency (enough said) they couldn’t guarantee any hours. You could be called any day to go into work at some point that day. You would then work until the orders were done and then you’d be sent home.  There was no minimum hours for the week. So I guess this is what they call a Zero Hours Contract.  They wouldn’t tell him the hourly rate for the job either.
They called later the same day to offer him the job but after we discussed it he decided to turn it down. How can you take a job where you never know if you’re working from one day to the next, never know if you’re working 1 hour or up to 10 hours, or not know the hourly rate (this was only going to be revealed at the 2 day UNPAID induction).  We’ll just have to keep going on the job hunt.

Lovely surprise this week – £80 gift vouchers from Britmums and Morrisons. I’m taking part in #MorrisonsMums.  I’ve done the shopping and really looking forward to cooking over the weekend. Hope you’ll look out for my post. Can’t decide if I’m adding my  recipe for Pizziola Sauce or BBQ Ribs.

Also had a quick trip to Newport city centre. Big changes going on where the bus station / multistory carpark and John Frost Square used to be. The hoardings surrounding the square now show artist impressions of what it’ll look like. Newport really needs this too as at the moment it’s a shit hole full of charity shops,  payday loans, pound shops, banks and closed down shops!

Today we had a visit from our oldest son and grandson. We all sat in the garden while Ashley played with his big plane and rode on his balance bike for the first time without being held up!! Woop!!!

newport, balance bike,

From top: 

  • This door should now be white!
  • Shopping done!
  • Orange Wednesday
  • Clever boy on hiss balance bike.
  • Newport before and (Hopefully) after
  • 3 generations and a toy cat!


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12 comments on “Week 18 #Project365 – 2014

  1. Great round up, hoping you add your recipe for BBQ ribs 🙂 x

  2. I can’t believe how they measured up for the wrong house!!? And what a shambles for your husband and I can’t believe companies can act like that. We did the Morrisons shop today and have the OH cooking me my meal tonight so win win! 🙂 BBQ ribs sound good – enjoy x

  3. Nightmare re the windows, and that job sounds like total madness! #365

  4. I hope a recipe will be up shortly and how can they mix up windows etc, that’s terrible #Project365 x

  5. Great round up! What a pain about the doors, what a silly mistake! Enjoy the Bank Holiday x

  6. Jaime Oliver says:

    sorry to hear they got your doors so wrong! and i must say what joke, who really can take a job that guarantees nothing?! hope you have better week this week x

  7. Erica Price says:

    Can’t believe they measured up the wrong house. That’s a costly error for them. Would they have gone ahead and fitted the doors if you hadn’t have stopped them I wonder? The job sounds pants – can’t believe companies think it’s ok to offer that sort of thing. The Welsh accent in the film sounds a bit random.

  8. how silly do companies get? were you not in when they measured them up? Costing them money but causing you hassle. The £80 in vouchers were a great boost were they not? Nice to see Ashley and well done on his use of the balance bike.
    Good luck with more job hunting, sadly as he was offered it the job centre will see thia as turning down a job will they not?

    • Sue says:

      Apparently zero hours contracts can be turned down. We didn’t know this until we saw an item on the news yesterday.

  9. OneDad3Girls says:

    Great round up, I especially like the photo on the balance bike, it looks and feels very summery

  10. jennypaulin says:

    love Ashley’s balance bike how coo, and he looks very dapper in his hat. what a cock up with the double glaxing doors too !! and i think your husband did the right things with the job – all sounds a bit hit or miss really. hopefully something more suitable will soon come up x

  11. TheBoyandMe says:

    Wow, they have big plans for The ‘Port don’t they?! Hope it comes off.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, the new linky is now live.

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