Week 16 #Project365 – 2014

This week has been pretty quiet. On Monday we decided to go out for a drive but only got as far as Chepstow. We had a good wander about and sat by the river in the glorious sunshine with a coffee. We also had a sneaky beer in ‘Spoons too..


Chepstow Bridge – gateway to England. 
Rowing boats stranded on the bank.
Chepstow Castle 
Chepstow Castle from across the river, 
Glorious blossom on the trees. 

Our local wetlands were featured on the BBC this week – perhaps you saw it on the One Show – featuring the re-introduction of water voles at Magor Marsh.

magor marsh

When we went there this week we didn’t see any water voles but did see where they had put boxes for them to hide away. The only wildlife we saw were swans. A part of the marsh that was closed last time we were there has been reopened. They had to clear out a part of the reen in readiness for the water voles. The large tree at the bottom of the picture looks like it has old nests in it but it’s actually big clumps of mistletoe. The yellow flower is a Marsh Marigold.

camelia, railway, bakestones, welshcake,

My poor camelia is looking rather forlorn. After bursting into flower 6 weeks early the recent cold snap halted the rest of the buds coming out and they are all slowly dying off. It’s such a shame as it’s rather magnificent when it’s in full flower.
Another bridge – this one across the local railway line.
Orange Wednesday – Spiderman 2 – full of action – a great film for half term!

Welsh cakes (or bakestones as I’ve always called them) made using catsyellowdays recipe. I’ve always used my nan’s recipe which makes them more like pastry but these had a softer texture. They were gone in no time especially after my brother snaffled a few!

The fence – this is now around the perimeter of the local playing field. Why?? because the local infant/junior school use it. We’ve lived here for nearly 20 years and there has never been the need for a barrier to stop the public using a public space..but because the school is beside it it is now deemed a no go area. Orginally the path through was going to be closed whilst the school was open but as a compromise the path closes when the children are using it at lunch time.
What sort of world are we living in when it’s been ok for god only knows how long but ‘just in case’ someone ‘may’ want to look at a child playing it’s now out of bounds. It makes me so sad to think the world has come to the idea that everyone has peado tendencies.

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13 comments on “Week 16 #Project365 – 2014

  1. familyfever says:

    The castle is stunning, and I love the shots of the wetlands. #365

  2. Great photos, love the castle and swan pictures, beautiful #365

  3. some beautiful views to be seen!!! x #project365

  4. Love the castle photos and the ones from the wetlands x

  5. Erica Price says:

    Lovely pictures this week. The Welsh cakes sound lovely.

  6. Jaime Oliver says:

    wow how super busy have you been! i have to say honey i am a fan of the cheeky beer … although this ought happen more than it does in my house, christmas was my last one!

    happy Easter my lovely x

  7. Sarah says:

    what a lovely outdoorsy post. I wanna make those welsh cakes they look delicious.

  8. krissottoh says:

    Some wonderful shots of gorgeous outdoor places.

  9. jennypaulin says:

    I have heard good things about Spider Man 2 – i like your cineam reviews each week 🙂
    looks like you have made the most of the sunny weather with all those lovely outdoors snaps of the local wildlife. x

  10. Great photos! Love the boats on the bank one

  11. Some lovely photo’s there Soosie! Love the boat one and the one with the swans too! #365

  12. gosh a busy week, love old castles. The marsh marigold is s great colour. Its annoying when they build fences when there has never been a need for one before, sadly a reflection of modern society.

  13. TheBoyandMe says:

    The reflections in the water are amazing, such a clear day and a wonderful sky. Have only been to Chepstow once, for a curry with a friend and her family (long way to go, very bizarre!).

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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