Week 10 #Project365 – 2014

Bit of a weird week for me.  I hardly went out for a couple of days and didn’t take any photos until Wednesday.  I just couldn’t be arsed to be honest. I’m really struggling this year. I get fed up of posting photos of our area or my garden or just random photos. But then that’s what this is about isn’t it?

Anyway – My down points are the postman / woman’s visit almost every day. I’ve got to the point where I dread them coming and pushing yet another letter through for our son in Australia. His finances are pretty unsettled as he didn’t intend on staying there to begin with and now has to deal with his Credit Card and bank account via me taking photos of the letters and him trying to phone them taking into account the time difference!

We went to a Jobs Fair on Tuesday and I ended up speaking to a chap whose company is just setting up a call centre. I showed him my CV and he seemed impressed. I’ve done start-ups, writing Standard Operating Procedures, setting up new teams and I’m bloody good at it too! He said he was going to pass my CV on to the manager of the call centre and he would call me sometime Wed/Thurs. Did he? Did he heck!!! I’m now stuck as I didn’t pick up his business card so would look rather foolish calling the company and asking for ‘the chap that was at the job fair’! So that was another downer for the week!

Orange Wednesday was Non-Stop. It was a pretty good story but you do have to suspend belief at times. An air marshal that doesn’t like flying, most of the passengers are stereo types. Plus at one point it’s pointed out that he’s Irish so of course that means he must have been with the IRA right???

Thursday I went for a walk and it was good to get some photos in the sun, including the first ladybird!

Friday – MOT day for the car and so glad it passed with no issues.

Saturday – usual food shopping and picking up the weekend bargains in Lidl! Hubby was due to see Aussie Pink Floyd in Cardiff so we headed off mid afternoon. Had a walk around and a meal at ‘Spoons before heading off for the Motorpoint arena. He went there – I went to see 300 – Rise of an Empire. Another disappointing film – just how much blood actually comes out of a body that gets slashed by a blade?? The first 300 is a much better film.

sunshine, ladybird, park, cardiffPictures this week:

  • Sun streaming through our front window.
  • First ladybird
  • Cinema – 300 Rise of an Empire.
  • Hubby’s favourite shop – the bane of my life! I sit outside – I hate CD / DVD shops, bores me rigid.
  • Ivy berries in the sunshine.
  • Ashley in the park – spinning his favourite wheel and carrying the football, it wasn’t for kicking!
  • Cinema – Non Stop.

Crikey almost forgot — For all us girlies!!


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6 comments on “Week 10 #Project365 – 2014

  1. spicers1976 says:

    Good news the car passed it’s MOT. I dread MOT day

  2. Leanne (@suggys.co.uk/Leanne) says:

    oooo I hate MOT day also!.. I dread it, Im always convinced the car will fail. How cute is that little Ladybird! #Project365

  3. well done to the car, and so sorry about the job not coming to anything, this is what puts me off trying for a second job, there is no way I could do myself credit at a job interview – despite like you I know I have talents that any employer would find useful.
    Dont you dare drop out now, I love following your exploits and Ashley and looking forward to the new grandchild as well. You are th only other grandparent doing this and you cant leave me alone

  4. jennypaulin says:

    i fear i have too many shoes several of which i never wear!! But then you never know i might one day!
    lovely ladybird photo and Ashley is having fun in the sun – as we all have been!
    i enjoy your film critiques each week 🙂 xx

  5. Erica Price says:

    Glad that your car passed – was amazed when ours passed first time last year on its 10th birthday. Hope the job comes good.

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