Out and about – Country Kids

I’m so glad the weather has been better this week. It meant we could get out and about and take a good look at our local area. We’ve been really lucky compared with some other areas, we’ve had no flooding although the water ways around here have been rather full. Thank goodness they dredged the main Reen last year!

The week started on Sunday with Grandson Ashley with us for the day. We went for a long walk – Ashley in the buggy for some of the time as his little legs wouldn’t cope with the 3-4 mile walk we planned.
Hubby had been out the previous day on his bicycle and saw a big tree that had come down blocking one of the lanes. We decided to head off that way to take a look.  It was lovely seeing some of the animals in the fields – one big strong horse, a couple with their raincoats on and some sheep sheltering in a barn. There is quite a lot of new growth in the hedgerows now too.
There is one lane that is one way so we let Ashley run off ahead as any vehicles would have been behind us and it’s pretty quiet there too. He loved puddle jumping and generally having a good time!
When we got to the fallen tree it had already been sawn up and removed and the only evidence – other than sawdust – was the fresh cut end of the trunk.

horses, walking, countryside

The week has ended with us looking after Ashley again today. After we did the weekly shop we headed over to the local park. Ashley loves having a good climb over the kiddie tower and for once the slide was dry enough to use!  The park is just behind one of the local schools and someone had tied a long piece of rope to the chain-link fencing.  Ashley thought it was great fun to wiggle the rope and he screeched laughing.
When we got back home we got his balance bike out, he’s only been on it twice and is still not sure about it – hopefully the more often we get it out the more he’ll get used to it. We also got his plane out, he had a quick blast up and down the drive but ended up sat in front of it spinning the propeller!
The last picture is of him running away after trying to get him on the bike again!

balance bike, countryside

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4 comments on “Out and about – Country Kids

  1. I think a lot of people will have been glad of the drier weather this week – you certainly made good use of it!

  2. Oh they catch on very quick with the balance bike and he will be zooming in no time! So lucky you get to see animals on your walk.

  3. I’m so pleased you haven’t been affected by the floods, let’s hope we have more dry sunny days soon so we can enjoy Springtime. It sounds like Ashley had a lovely time with you, picturesque and interesting walks and the park are guaranteed fun for most children. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. Shame the tree had gone by the time you got there, but looks like a great walk all the same! #CountryKids

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