Week 7 #Project365 – 2014

Should I mention the weather? Oh go on then… Another week of wind and rain. We’ve managed to get out for a walk a couple of times.
It’s scary seeing how high the Reen has got – in the second picture it is not far off the brim! It’s about a quarter of a mile away and runs from where the picture is taken to behind the houses opposite us. We are hoping that it remains free flowing and doesn’t get any higher.  The top picture is looking the opposite way from the first one. I like the sun (you know that big bright orb in the sky!!) reflecting on the surface.

Orange Wednesday this week was Robocop. It’s a remake of the 1987 film -well actually its more like a nod to the original as the plot line for him becoming Robocop is different. It was really rather good – nothing like as brutal and violent as the original (thankfully!). It was well paced and has a good story to it.
We had a surprise in store when we came home though!! Lots of little pockets of hail stones on the drive and around the base of the plants but the worst was that 3 panels of the front fence had been blown out. Now I told HIM it was a bad idea to leave them in when it all started leaning last week – MEN do they ever listen!! So we have to get that fixed when the weather settles!

Walking on Thursday I spotted a little purple flower in the hedgerow – it looked so lonely but there were others just about to burst into flower too.

On Thursday evening I was entering a few of the daily competitions and was RickRolled!! How very dare they!

Friday meant Ashley being here until it was time to go to Nursery. Here he is sat on the stool, shortbread in hand – and gob filled with it! – doing the actions to a song with Grandad.

Saturday – Ashley was here again but he was quite poorly. He fell asleep at 10am and we woke him at 11:30 to go food shopping but he was still dozing off and ‘out of sorts’ while we were in Lidl’s. When we came home he didn’t want to eat and just cwtched up at the side of me – well until he vomited all over me. At least we know now why he was miserable..poor little man. So no piccie today!

flooding, robocop, orange wednesday

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24 comments on “Week 7 #Project365 – 2014

  1. spicers1976 says:

    Our garden looked a bit like that with gaps in this morning

  2. Notmyyearoff says:

    I love the original Robocop and kept telling myself I wouldn’t watch the remake because how very dare they! Etc 🙂 I might watch it though! Hope your little man gets better soon x

  3. oh dear at the fence…..naughty My Wales for not listening!!! Poor Ashley, glad it was not me, i dont do spew.
    Look at the colour of that water…..hope it does not flood over

  4. I’m going to make my millions inventing a gust proof fence panel 🙂

  5. Our fence had to be replaced too.

  6. The weather really has been awful, I’m glad that we’ve missed it. Hope you don’t get anymore damage to your garden.

  7. jennypaulin says:

    oh dear poor Ashley it is horrid when they are ill.
    I never saw Robocop the first time around its certificate was too old for me i think and it never appealed. I would imagine the special effects in the new one are very good though.
    oh and no men do not listen – i have a trampoline story this week very similar x

  8. Great photos, hope you enjoyed Robocop

  9. Jaime Oliver says:

    I am hoping that the water near you subsides!! and i am hoping all the lurgy germs are gone soon honey x

  10. Kara says:

    I point blank refuse to go and see the new Robocop – absolutely nothing wrong with the original lol

  11. Very similar to our garden. Awful weather. Hope its a better week this week x

  12. Our fence is down too but look how full the river is. Fingers crossed everyone is better soon x

  13. Great photo’s from the week, hope your enjoyed RoboCop and get your fence fixed soon x

  14. Erica Price says:

    I’m sick of the weather too and like you I escaped it for a little while. Hope Ashley is better soon – hate to see children ill.

  15. Ooh I love the first sight of spring flowers

  16. Hope things improve on the weather front! Sorry to hear about the sicky bug, we’ve got it in our house at the moment, in fact I’m the only one who’s not ill! #project365

  17. Oh dear. Your poor fence! Hope Ashley gets better soon! There’s lots of illness around!

  18. HPMcQ says:

    this weather is really stirring up all the bugs. hope all is well soon x

  19. Oh dear – get well soon little chap! Here’s hoping that the weather improves soon for us and the flowers. I do seem to remember the sun…

  20. Oh poor wee Ashley. Love seeing the smiles though of the action songs with Grandad. Everyone is tired of the weather.

  21. It’s really worrying what they’re saying about the floodwater and all the germs. I’m hoping the last few drier days are a sign of things getting better.

  22. Nikki Thomas says:

    Sorry about your fence! What is Rickrolled? Let’s hope the sun makes an appearance soon and the wind and rain disappears

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