Week 4 #Project365 – 2014

This week I decided to take some photos while out on our walks. We try to go out most days but the weather has conspired against us for most of the week.  There really isn’t much going on in the hedgerows at the moment and farm animals are rarely seen as the fields are so water logged.

We didn’t do ‘Orange Wednesday’ again this week as there are no films that we both agree on to watch. Hopefully there will be something we agree on soon!

Our youngest son in Australia was feeling rather homesick this week so we’re having a good catch up on Skype on Sunday. It doesn’t help that we miss him too and Australia really is TOO FAR away!!
Oldest son and Ashley popped in on Thursday for a quick visit. We’re not looking after him at all this weekend as his mummy has a few days off work and her folks are having on Saturday. So it’s been pretty quiet here today!

outdoors, countryside

From top –

  • Cows having lunch.
  • hubby’s idea of a short cut over the stile!!  Don’t think so..you’d sink in the mud!
  • Someone’s idea of good gutter and downpipe.. I presume it leads to a water butt but it looked so funny!
  • This believe it or not is a holly tree – varigated but the bottom half is totally yellow.
  • A huge birds nest.
  • Random black cat on the prowl.

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6 comments on “Week 4 #Project365 – 2014

  1. that down pipe would get blown off by the winds up here. I agree on not crossing the style. and I am sure the cows may have felt the same way. I have to wonder why the cows are out at this time of year, up here they take them in for 5 or 6 months of the year

  2. Coombe Mill says:

    Looks like as much mud on the farm there as here with us!

  3. Ooh that’s a lot of mud by the cows. The cat almost looks like a black panther on the loose!

  4. Jaime Oliver says:

    some gorgeous photos honey, its been a while since i saw a style to climb

  5. jennypaulin says:

    it must have been strange not having Ashley and it is unusual not to see him in your weekly round up. Austrlia is such a long way away isnt it (hugs) it must be hard not being able to do the same to your son x x

  6. Erica Price says:

    It does look muddy your way doesn’t it? It’s very difficult with family so far away. Australia is too far I think to go away from family, but I guess I’m biased because I miss my sister.

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