#Project365 51 & 52/52

Here we are at the end of the second year of the project.

Week 51 – On Monday I went to The Mall at Cribbs with oldest son and grandson to do a bit of Christmas shopping. DIL is a bit fussy. She likes ‘labels’ and didn’t approve of having one of my wins – that I kept specifically for her – two years ago. (I have a long memory for such outbursts of negativity!). Son had already bought her a cocktail book so I bought her a shaker, jigger and some cocktail mix. All very well received on Christmas day!
Ashley didn’t eat any lunch and wasn’t really himself for most of the day. That night he quite sick and poorly, a bug picked up from playgroup no doubt!

On Wednesday  I was ‘doubled booked’ ! Looking after Ashley whilst Mummy and Daddy went for a Christmas meal and drive Hubby to Newport for his leaving ‘do’. I went to son’s house put Ashley in the car and took Hubby to Newport. The weather was horrendous, rain lashing down, wind blowing and the roads couldn’t clear water fast enough.  At one point I was down to 10mph on the motorway and again when driving through the village. It was pretty scary..

Last minute pressies for Hubby arrived in the post midweek and I spent Thursday afternoon wrapping pressies – there are less and less every year now.  On Friday I looked after Ashley and he thought it was funny to spin the sellotape roll on his arm until it spun off. I had a call from oldest son asking me to look after Ashley again on Saturday as his other Nanna wasn’t feeling well. But at 6am on Saturday I had a text to say he and DIL had been up all night ill so my services weren’t needed. However by late afternoon I could tell I was going to come down with the same bug. I spent most of Sunday curled up on the sofa.

51-52Week 51 – Cribbs decoration, Ashley spinning the sellotape, my Christmas dinner

I was worried that Hubby was going to get the sickness bug and it looked like he had escaped it, but it wasn’t to be – when he came home from night shift on Christmas Eve morning he said he felt ‘dodgy’. He managed to fight it off all day but overnight he was very ill. Bang went our Christmas Day.
We decided to keep our pressies until Boxing Day. He rested on the sofa and I ended up with Turkey salad for my Christmas Lunch!
We had a chat on Skype with youngest son on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. They had a lovely day at the beach on Boxing Day but both got sunburned in the 30degree heat on the Gold Coast!

We were going to MIL’s on Boxing Day but put that off as didn’t want to carry the sickness bug to her.. she has enough wrong with her without that!
We had a lovely lunch and afternoon with Son, DIL and grandson, he was pleased with his Peppa Pig playset, but not too keen on the balance bike but I’m sure he’ll try that out again and be whizzing around the drive soon!

I looked after Ashley again on Saturday. He was very quiet again as he now has a cold. We had lots of reading time and played a game on my tablet.

52-52Ashley doing rhyme actions, Birthday boy in his Police car, Birthday JCB trucks (with koala taking a ride!)

I’ve not done much over the weekend, Hubby has a cold and is completing his last shift on Monday night. He’s taken voluntary redundancy from the brewery. He’ll be looking for an easier, less stressful job.

Ashley was 3 on 30th.  The time has gone so quickly. He starts nursery next week, I hope that being with lots of other children will bring his speech on.

So here we are – the year end. The end of #Project365. Thank you TBAM for hosting. Looking forward to joining in again in 2014.

Thanks to all those that visited my posts and to those that took the time to comment. See you all again next year.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

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8 comments on “#Project365 51 & 52/52

  1. Erica Price says:

    A pity you had so much illness around Christmas. Hope New Year is better for you. Good luck to your husband in finding a new job.

  2. Shell Louise says:

    Sorry to hear about all the illness. I hope everyone’s feeling better xx

  3. jennypaulin says:

    oh no so sorry that you were all ill over christmas – your lunch has to be the healthiest i have seen ever on christmas day!!
    I am sure Ashley’ speech will improve once he starts nursery. Burton was very late with his speech not even saying mama and dada until he was about 26 months but he soon got there and now we cannot shut him up!
    wishing you a happy new year x x x

  4. Nikki Thomas says:

    Well done for completing the 365. Some gorgeous photos and I hope you have a happy new year

  5. TheBoyandMe says:

    I’m pleased to see you’ll be back again next year because I like a nana’s take on the 365 🙂

    Ashley is such a sweetie, I hope he enjoyed the festivities and birthday celebrations? I’m sorry you weren’t well, these children do like to share their bugs, don’t they?! I also skyped my brother in Australia on Christmas Day, Byron Bay area for us and he said it had been 30+.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  6. Kara says:

    Loving the Koala hitching a ride!
    Happy New Year!

  7. oh dear about all the bugs going round, but thats the way it goes. I shared my cold with hubby as well- really nice of me.
    Some great pictures of Ashley here and I am glad you are linking up again next year, loving watching him grow. The koala in the tonka trucks is a nice colourful picture
    Happy 3rd birthday Ashley, its not long is it?
    Happy new year to you and yours from me and mine

  8. Not much fun being ill over Christmas & hoping you feel better now. Happy new year to you 🙂

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