#Project365 48 and 49/52

I didn’t post or link last week as I was a bit busy and knew I wouldn’t have time to comment and/visit everyone that links to #Project365. – and yes I may not comment on all but I do visit each and everyone! Feel free to reciprocate!!

Anyway – week 48 bought me an email to say that I needed to attend a job interview in Cardiff. It just said attend the ‘event’ so I was a bit apprehensive as I’ve done a few of these all day interviews where you are put into different scenarios and judged on your performance.
The next day I had another email asking me to prepare a presentation and to say the interview (including the presentation) would be for an hour. I was rather surprised that a high street bank looking for a call centre Team Manager could make a staffing decision on a short presentation and less than an hour interview.
I attended on Monday and thought it went well. They told me they were interviewing for most of the week so not to expect an outcome for a few days. Bright and early on Tuesday I had the rejection email.  I was quite surprised as this is the bank I used to work for, they wanted a TM for new teams (done that 8 times), call centre experience, (done that – 16 years), experienced in people management (done that – 7 years). So I my examples for ‘tell us a time when….’ must have failed. They failed on the presentation… didn’t provide anyway of presenting .. no laptop, no projector.. good job I downloaded the presentation to my tablet and took that as a back up!!
Well their loss… I only actually applied because it was my old employer.. I’ll give them the swerve in future.!!

Advent has arrived and with it came HUNDREDS of competitions. This is my third year of doing them so I’m pretty organised but the first few days are horrendous! It was probably thursday before I had them all categorised. Hope I win something this year for this effort!! – Oh and I have my first competition here on this blog.. Fancy trying to win some chocolate?

Thursday morning I popped up to Festival Park in Ebbw Vale. It’s a lovely drive up the valley roads. I bought my sons pressie and some other bits and bobs.

Oldest son came for a visit on Thursday afternoon and Ashley thought it was funny to climb up on my coffee table. I don’t want to encourage him as it’s a big slab of marble and if he fell and hit his head he would knock himself out. He thought it was hysterical with both me and his daddy telling him ‘NO’ and pulling him off all the time! Little scamp. 🙂

Hope you’re all having fun with your Christmas preparations. I’ve seen some posts and Instagrams of your Christmas trees etc. Although I’ve no idea who Elfie is.. never heard of him until this year.

festival park, #project365

  •  Stone face at Festival Park
  •  Teddy Santa at Festival Park – I want him.
  • Star Trek double Blu-ray from Amazon Black Friday sale. Bargain!!
  • Ashley being a naughty boy.
  • Molly also being naughty sitting on the coffee table. Trying to get attention to be fed.
  • Furry booties keeping my tootsies warm. Last couple of weeks of these, then break out one of two new pairs!

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2 comments on “#Project365 48 and 49/52

  1. jenny paulin says:

    oh no what a shame about the job – all that effort for a quick rejection too sorry about that.
    I hope you win something after all your competiton entering – sounds like you are quite the pro! xx

  2. most annoying when you feel you have done well and hope you will be successful. Oh dear at Ashley being a monkey. Good luck with the advents, I just never seem to have time or inclination for them so I choose to ignore them and stick with ordinary comps that all you adventers then ignore

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