#Project365 47/52

Is there really only 5 weeks of this year left?  Christmas shopping has started and I’ve  bought Ashley’s presents and still having a think of what I want, but still coming up with nothing.. well perhaps a case for my Nexus. I’ve also been buying bits and bobs of food for Christmas, getting to be quite a stash… I really should remember that the boys are no longer at home – we’ll be eating some of it at Easter!!
I also need to get my Christmas Pudding made too…there’s barely enough time left for it to mature!

On Monday I walked to the local garage to pick up the car. New parts have been fitted to stop the leak into the passenger footwell.  It rained heavily Wednesday night and no rain appears to have penetrated.  Fingers crossed that it remains like that!

I didn’t do much or go very far until Thursday, when I went to pick up my new toy!
After my cash win last month and I decided to spend the money on a treat for myself. I’ve done comparisons and read reviews and decided to buy a Nexus 7 tablet. I’ll be able to sit on the sofa and keep up with some competitions, emails and games.

Nexus - My new toy!

Nexus – My new toy!

We had Ashley on Saturday and had a good play in the park. It was also the first time Hubby has seen him for nearly 3 weeks as his day shifts have come around to weekends. You’ll be able to read more about this at ‘Country Kids’ here.

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4 comments on “#Project365 47/52

  1. Shell Louise says:

    I’d love a Nexus. Hubby had one free with his last phone contract and somehow cracked the screen a few weeks later (nothing bad on the Nexus, it was totally hubby’s fault!) so now he has a Samsung tablet and when he finally gets round to getting the Nexus fixed, he’s letting me have it! Can’t wait because we’ve bought the kids a tablet each for Christmas and I’ll be the only one without one!

  2. jenny paulin says:

    Ashley is def enjoying his time with you and your husband at the park. and i know – 5 weeks wow where is the time going? i hope you are still enjoying your Nexus – lots more playing to be had i am sure x

  3. Christmas is coming round all too soon. I have got the twins and a few things each for the kids, some of which we reviewed for Santa and had to send back to him…….naughty Grandma
    Its great when you have the weather to take them to the park, Bob loves the park,

  4. Charlotte says:

    Lovely pictures! This year has definitely gone way too fast! xx

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