#Project365 46/52

We’ve done a couple of walks this week. One so I can take a picture of Virgina Creeper on a local house. The leaves are just starting to turn and the colours are gorgeous.

On Monday my parcel came from M&S. I ordered some boots (I mentioned this last week…). I was so disappointed on opening the box. Although the boots looked the same at first look,  they were not a matching pair and how they got past M&S quality control goodness only knows. The pleating across the foot of one is totally different to the other and they are different shades. Within half an hour of them arriving they were back in the post on their return for a refund. So I’m back on the hunt for new boots.  The experience has totally turned me off them.

Another walk on Friday after taking the car to the garage. We have a leak in the passenger side footwell. We were hoping that it would just be a door seal problem but it wasn’t. There’s a part under the wipers that’s kaput and they can’t get the part until Monday. We agreed to leave the car there as the only plan we had was a visit to the Mother-in-Law and a shopping trip with oldest son which could be put off.

lanes, donkey, autumn

We were not looking after Ashley this week as his Daddy has had time off work. We were going to go on a shopping trip but we’ve had to put that off now or perhaps we’ll have time tomorrow if the car is fixed early.

As it turned out it was the worst time to have the car off the road. Just after 7pm on Friday our youngest son’s Aussie In-Laws contacted me to say they were coming to Newport to visit us tomorrow (Saturday).  We hurriedly made plans for the oldest son’s wife to take us to Newport on her way to work on Saturday morning. We met them from the train and went for a breakfast. We then took a taxi back home and showed them around the village and had long talks about their travels so far. They left Australia shortly after us and have been to Ireland, Scotland, Greece, London and now Wales. Their next stop is Brighton to visit even more family and then they are off to New York where Malcolm has a gig!!
It was lovely to catch up with them again and it’s great that we all get on so well. It would have been so much better if we had the car, we could have shown them so much more than our house and the village square!

We were also supposed to be having our best friends over on Saturday night for them to experience one or two of my awesome curries!! (not boasting but I can make a bliddy awesome curry!) The chicken was already marinating, peshwari nans made and bhajis bought. I rung them to ask if could come on Sunday instead but they have other plans so we agreed to next week. So as I’m writing this a Chicken Madras and Butter Chicken are cooling in the kitchen ready to be frozen ready for next weekend.

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2 comments on “#Project365 46/52

  1. gosh you have been a busy woman this week, shame about the car. How green your lanes still look for the time of year. Good grief about the boots you would have thought somebody would have noticed.

  2. Those boots are very different – not surprised you sent them back. It’s typical that visitors should arrive when you’d agree to do without the car. Sounds like you had a nice time though.

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