#Project365 45/52

Oh dear a bit late this week!

I only took one photo that is worth posting. I’m getting rather fed up of taking photos of the garden or hedgerows. I totally lost my mojo last week and thought of giving up but then there is only 7 weeks left so this thought will keep me going.

Rather a shitty week all told, hubby discovered that he’s taken too many holidays – the company holiday year runs March to February and he leaves 31st December. His option is to work four extra days or have the equivalent pay taken out of his severance payment. He’s decided to give up the pay. He hates working there anyway so 4 less days is no great loss!

I applied for a job on Tuesday, a Team Manager job with the bank I used to work for. I’ve not heard anything about the application yet. The thought of getting a job after 3 years off is pretty scary.

Hubby knew I was feeling down so on Wednesday we went to Cwmbran to see if I could find something for my Christmas present. I decided I’d like some new boots, I love my Primark ones so another pair to give them a rest seems a good idea.
I’d love some UGGS but you can’t wear them in the wet or snow -surely the whole point of boots is that they are for wearing in bad weather???

Primark Boots

Primark Boots

I saw some in M&S but the size 7 was a little too big so I ordered a pair online. I’ll post a picture of them for week 46. We then popped into Wetherspoons for lunch. I ordered the skinny chicken burger and had a large VAT on the side.
Hubby had picked up some sauces, pepper and mayo and when my meal came I swiftly opened what I thought was mayo and slathered my salad with 2 sachets.  I piled my fork with salad and almost choked on it… what the hell… that’s a bit hot and spicy!! Hubby with his long sighted eyes picked up horseradish sauce and as we were chatting I didn’t notice.. Salad with horseradish isn’t very nice!!

The rest of the week just went by with me still feeling down. Hubby gets it in the neck most of the time as he tells me things like ‘ oh look Ray across the road is going out on bike’, ‘a bloke in work has been off work for weeks with alcoholism’. My answer is ‘Oh really, tell someone that gives a shit’.. Wrong I know, he is trying to get me interested in something but it’s difficult when you feel you’re on that long slippery slope to depression. Hopefully it will pass as things that are troubling me find a resolution.

But the highlight of  the week is this little man. As soon as he comes through the door he goes in search of Molly and she usually runs off and hides under our bed.
On Saturday she was still busy eating her breakfast and he crept up to her and sat down and stroked her and she stayed there!! Well for a little while anyway.

Ashley and Molly

Ashley and Molly

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