#Project365 42/52

Only a short post this week. I’ve been fighting jet-lag so not had the inclination to think about taking photos!

First up is this bad boy that appeared over last Saturday/Sunday.  This is easily the biggest web I’ve seen in our garden, the top left thread starts at the outside light and the top right is attached to the fence some 10 feet away!!

HUGE web!

HUGE web!

A visit from our oldest son and Grandson Ashley on Tuesday. We missed them so much while we were away.  This is Ash watching Peppa – why do kids have to stand SO close to watch?? and Ash being silly lying on the floor and posing! His sweater is wet down the front after he discovered that he could hold drink in his mouth and let it dribble down him..he thought it was hilarious!

Last one is Ash again..we popped into our local Asda Living so I could take back a tunic top I bought but didn’t like once I tried it on. He loves riding the escalator and Hubby decided to take him upstairs while I returned the top. I could hear Ash screeching, but knew hubby was with him so all would be ok. I went upstairs soon after and they were looking at DVDs, He was screeching as he had spotted Peppa Pig DVDs! Ash had a one in his hand..we made our way back to the stairs and on the way there Ash saw a big pile of Peppa Pig toys, he dropped the DVD and picked up one of the boxes and tried to run with it shouting ‘Peppa, Peppa, Peppa’!
It was half price so that’s one thing towards his Christmas presents!!


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4 comments on “#Project365 42/52

  1. Jaime Oliver says:

    Oh my goodness that web gave me the jeebies!! i would of completely freaked out! xx hope the jet lag soon leaves honey x

  2. the web gives me the heebies as well, yuck. and had to laugh at the dribbling juice. Bob cant drink without having to fill his mouth and then gulp it all noisily in one go, at lease he outgrown the dribble it and laugh stage.

  3. Nikki Thomas says:

    That is a seriously huge web, I hope the spider isn’t too big?

  4. Erica Price says:

    That’s a hell of a web. We had a spider trying to weave one alongside our front door earlier this week, but I think it thought better of it.

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