#Project365 34/52

This week started with our trip to Bristol – you can read more about it here.

Lots of walking as the Harbourside and the city are not close to each other.  I’m so glad National Express let us get on an earlier coach home, I don’t think I could have walked much further, the soles of feet and calves were aching badly.
While we were having a rest a woman sat near by noticed me rubbing my feet and suggested getting some gel insoles from Primark. We headed off there, the insoles were £2.50 but new daps and canvas slip-ons were only £3 or £4. I couldn’t decide which colour to get, navy, white or burgundy..plus a pair of red daps..mmm decisions..oh what the hell chuck them all in the basket.. Four pairs of comfy everyday shoes for under £20. They’ll be great for our holiday and light to pack.

We bought a potty for Ash to use at our house but we’ve not seen him this week. His other Nanna and Grandad had him this weekend. Hubby’s night shifts run into the weekend and the last thing he wants is a two and half-year old shouting and banging while trying to sleep!!

bristol harbourside, ss great britain

Pictures this week:

  • Lloyds Head Office Bristol – Where I worked from 1997 – 2005
  • SS Great Britain
  • Harbourside from the Mshed
  • Shoes!!


And my favourite Gromit – covered in Simon’s Cat Doodles.
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5 comments on “#Project365 34/52

  1. love the harbour side picture, great bargain with the shoes. Its amazing how you miss the grandchildren when they not with you, but you cannot expect them to keep quiet so best idea really

  2. TheBoyandMe says:

    Those Grommit’s get everywhere! Good bargain with the shoe-shopping.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  3. jenny paulin says:

    i would love to see those Gromits i see other people on twitter showing photo of all of them all the time. i cannot believe how may of them ther are! those shoes were a bargain i especially like the red spotty ones. x

  4. Erica Price says:

    Ah another Gromit – I’ve seen a lot of them around as well. Great shoes – What a bargain!

  5. Aw I love the gromits 🙂 x

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