#Project365 30/52

I’m still following the #FMSphotoaday prompts some have been easy some harder and to be honest I’ll be glad to go back to just plucking something out of thin air!

However I’ve decided I’m no longer going to take part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  The rule was to link to the daily Facebook link and comment straight away on the 2 above you. Some of the posts I would’t want to comment on – How to raise your SEO, Setting up in business, motivational speakers, the religious ones.  I got to the point where I waited for blog post links that I felt I could comment on in the daily threads, which is a bit of a cheat really.
I think I’m better off linking up with linkys where everyone is linking up with the same aim, #project365, #countrykids, #pocolo etc.  They are much more interesting 🙂

Anyway onto this weeks piccies.

#project365 30/52

The first few have their own post:

Grey  – Wood pigeon against the grey sky

I drew this

D is for Dinner for one!

Ground – Spices

The Everyday – My laptop used everyday! The screen saver is ‘The Journey Begins’ by Daniel Lieske. I had this picture on my PC in work and now have it on my laptop. I love the picture, there is so much going on and so much detail to take in. To see it in it’s full glory go here

Black and white – Ashley playing, black and white has made him look so serious! We had a lovely day with him. Playing mega blocks, reading and visiting Great granny Mo.

This is new – a bracelet I bought recently – It’s not an expensive Pandora one..just a cheapie from a local shop.

If you’d like to read more about the project please click on the 365 badge

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4 comments on “#Project365 30/52

  1. jenny paulin says:

    you are doing well to keep going with this month of prompts. i really like your bracelet and you are right about Ashley looking a bit serious x

  2. Ashley looks like a little boy in the workhouse way back when, think Oliver!!. Your bracelet does not need to be Pandora to be nice, and I had a chuckle of your interpretation of ground.

  3. Well done for sticking with the prompts, it’s not easy. Love the bracelet and I think I prefer Ashley is all his colour glory.

  4. Jaime Oliver says:

    what a fab set of pictures xx

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