#Project365 week 29 day 5 – Building

Today we were looking after our Grandson again and had planned on taking him to Dyffryn House near Cardiff but to be honest the weather has been so hot we just didn’t fancy walking around in the heat. So the plans changed it was a toss up between Roath Park in Cardiff – lovely big lake which always seems to produce a breeze, good play area for Ashley and leisurely walks. The other choice for the day was the Forest of Dean, good for car rides and walks along shady paths.  We decided to go to Roath Park as there would be more for Ashley to take part in.

Since our last visit the childrens play area has been updated and Ashley loved playing on the adventure tower that resembled a boat. There is one part where you have to walk down a slope with little bars on it (like the flat steps you get when you go on a ship). He wasn’t very keen but after seeing another little boy do it, he walked down on his own. He gave himself a big clap!  The slope led down to the ship wheel – that’s one of his favourite things, he stood there for ages spinning it!
After the playground we took a walk around the lake – it’s a full mile all the way around. Lots of the birds, ducks, geese and swans walk in front of you they are so used to humans – they come right up close to you. Ashley couldn’t get enough of them, trying to lure them in for a tap on the head!

We had to stop several times for a cool down – the temperature was close to 28 degrees (82F ) Ashley had a little run ahead and loved having a cold drink. His confidence is building all the time. (oh see what I did there!! )

Ashley building in confidence!

Ashley building in confidence!

The photos below:

  • The lake, it really is big and has lots of wildlife around it. Wouldn’t you like to live overlooking it?
  • A Canada Goose that managed to get away from Ashley!
  • The wind was blowing the seed heads from one of the trees. I changed the settings several times on the camera to try to capture them.
  • A cheeky robin bobbed along while we were sitting under a shady tree while Ashley was having a nap. That really is how close it came!
The lake and wildlife

The lake and wildlife

Linking up to Country Kids with Coombe Mill.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


2 comments on “#Project365 week 29 day 5 – Building

  1. Coombe Mill says:

    Looking at the photos Roath Park was definitely the right choice, Ashley obviously had a great time and lots of fun, thanks for sharing with Country Kids.

  2. Natalie Ray says:

    I love Roath Park, used to run around there when I lived in Cardiff. I always miss it in this weather.

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