#Project365 29/52

It has been so hot this week. We all complain in the cold and long for some warm weather but when the temperature gets to more than 24 degrees that’s too hot for me.

I’ve been sticking to #FMSphotoaday and posting daily in Ultimate Blog Challenge.  I had to swap 2 days over this week as a delivery didn’t arrive in time for ‘Inspirational’

29-52 (4)

Click on the Red words for the full story.

Edible – Hubby’s after dinner snack

Outside the Window – Hubby in the sun

Bottle – Drunken Pimms!

Number – the number of flowers that make up a bloom

Inspirational – Some of my cookery books to give inspiration for a win of baking goodies

Building – Ashley building in confidence

Hot – my poorly Dragon Tree after hubby put it in the sun!

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5 comments on “#Project365 29/52

  1. emsyjo says:

    Well done on following the prompts, I’m finding it a struggle some days but I’m ploughing on!

  2. oohhh dear at the plant, naughty hubby ,,,,pmsl. Its great how their confidence grows. Love the drunken Pimms bottle

  3. jenny paulin says:

    haha i love the drunken pimms bottle photo. i was only thinking today that i would love some pimms! and good collection of cookery books . well done on keeping going with the prompts too x

  4. Coombe Mill says:

    I love the drunken Pimms bottle very apt and naughty hubby for damaging the plant.

  5. Erica Price says:

    Like the way you’ve followed the prompts. I particularly like the one of the flower.

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