#Project365 week 29 day 1- outside the window

Outside my front window I can see the bushes growing along our front wall and also a telegraph pole on the boundary between us and the cottage next door. It carries the telephone lines for the houses in our lane and also an electrical connection to our house. Most of the telephone wires will be taken down soon as BT has installed underground pipework ready optical cabling.

Outside the dining room french door lies Hubby on his sunbed enjoying the sunshine. I’m not one for sitting in sun, I prefer the shade. I’m sitting at the dining table with my laptop with a gentle breeze blowing through the house.

As I was writing this a Police helicopter was passing over the house. It’s been going back and forth for over an hour now. We often get helicopters flying overhead as we are close to the coast and the motorway is only a mile away. We also get Search and Rescue and helicopters from one of the RAF stations on maneuvers or practicing for an Air Show.  They are rather noisy and you notice it more on a day like today when you have windows and doors open!

C29-52 (1)

Outside the window

What’s outside your window?


5 comments on “#Project365 week 29 day 1- outside the window

  1. Kathy Hadley says:

    Outside my window is our Flowering Pear Tree and there happens to be a squirrel in it. We generally have a lot of wind or at least a breeze, but right now it is still. It looks like some more clouds are moving in to offer us some additional rain which is much needed and appreciated.


  2. Right now, I wish I had a window! I work part-time in an office, and the little room they have me in has no windows 😦 At least we have air conditioning, but not having windows isn’t all that fun.

  3. Katharine says:

    Outside our window I have a patio where I enjoy watching the wild birds come to eat. We a family of doves and a family cardinals that coming everyday then a mix of other types from tiny to small. One day I want to have a sun room where I can enjoy the outdoors without the bugs! LOL

    • Sue says:

      I love seeing birds in the garden. We have a pair of wood pigeons that pop into our garden. He’s a bit cheeky with her too, it’s quite funny watching her trying to stop his advances!!

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