#Project365 week 28 – day 5 – a bad habit

Ok we all have one or more bad habits don’t we?

I once attended an assessment day for my job and some of the feedback really hit home with me. They told me I was talking over people, I was mortified.
I asked my best friend at work if he found I did it and he agreed that I did. It was something I really had to work on, I suppose when you’re in a room with up to 15 other management / team leaders you have to interrupt to get yourself heard.
So instead of talking over someone, I raised my hand a little and said something like ‘could I just add something here?’ Most people found that acceptable and some of my colleagues actually noticed that I was trying hard not to interrupt by talking over people.

I still find myself doing it occasionally..especially when the Mother-in Law is talking a load of BS..

My main bad habit these days is playing games/apps. Candy Crush, Angry Birds, iSlash and recently Badlands. I can spend ages playing Geoguessrr too..I’m not leaving a link to that one as you will become addicted and I don’t want the blame!!

Bad Habit

Bad Habit

What’s your bad habit? Go on share it …


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