#Project365 week 28 day 2 – 3 things

When I was planning this post I thought I’d post about 3 things,  a good, a bad and an ugly.  The Bad – the news story today about the ‘Whole-life tariff’ breaching a prisoners human rights. I’m not even going to go there as this post will go on and on.. If you want find out more you’ll have to Google it.. Sorry…

I’ve been sorting out more of my son’s belongings *.. yeah I know I’ve been doing it on and off for weeks..but today was the box with all the glass, mugs, various crockery and knick-knacks. Amongst it all was 2 shot glasses that one of his fiancees friends sent them from Australia and one of his Jack Daniels glasses. So that was the 3 things – 3 things that remind me of my son and where he is.

3 Things

3 Things

* for those new readers – my youngest son went to Australia to be with his (then) girlfriend and has now decided to settle there now that they are to be married. All his belongings were in storage and it’s been my onerous task to sort it all out and get it sold or donated.

Do you have sons/daughters living far away? How do you stay in touch?


3 comments on “#Project365 week 28 day 2 – 3 things

  1. francenestanley says:

    He’s lucky to have a good mother like you. I did the same thing in reverse. I now live in England. I miss the things and people I left behind. But love conquers all.

  2. Holly says:

    My kiddos are still home. I think it must be hard to have your son so far away. Just found your blog through the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I am now a follower.

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