#Project365 week 27 day 4 – Love

What is LOVE? To me it’s my hubby, boys and this little scamp!!

I had the grandson Ashley on my own today. We went shopping and when we came back we had lunch in the back garden.  We had a proper little picnic, sandwiches, snacks and fruit. He demolished his own portion of strawberries and most of mine!
He was getting a little tired and we came in to have a cwtch and I read to him. Would he go to sleep? Would he heck!! He pulled my pashmina over his head and had a conversation with his teddy..(wish I knew what he was saying,  although you do catch the odd word now and then!!)

Then he decided to sit Winnie the Pooh on the back of the sofa and let Winnie fall which resulted in him cwtching and kissing Winne to make him better – all the time laughing his head off!!

He also decided to tease me by sitting on the arm and touching the speaker – he knows not to do it – he places a finger on it and grins and chuckles..How can you get angry at that face!!?

27-52 (1C)

At 2.30pm Daddy sent a text to say he was up (he works permanent nights) so Ashley kindly helped Nanny to get the buggy together ready for home.

He’s such a joy, always happy.  But he wears me out, being 2 and half he’s into everything.  I love seeing him and looking after him from time to time but it’s also lovely to hand him back so I can drop on the sofa absolutely knackered!!


2 comments on “#Project365 week 27 day 4 – Love

  1. Beautiful! Great way to spend the day. Love indeed!

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