#Project365 week 27 day 4 – Red

Today’s challenge is RED – my interpretation – seeing RED.

In the news is a story about a customer who approached the till in a Sainsbury supermarket and expected service despite talking on her mobile.  The till operator asked her to end the call. Although using a mobile at the till is not ‘against the rules’ there is a thing called ‘being polite’ and this customer was not ‘being polite’

Sainsbury has now apologised to the CUSTOMER… I’ll say that again – Sainsbury has now apologised to the CUSTOMER.. WHAT???

27-52 (4)

If this customer had approached the till and the till operator was in conversation with a colleague – perhaps talking about their awesome night out – the same customer would expect the till operator to end the conversation and give full attention to her. If this didn’t happen, then she would have cause to complain to Sainsbury about the employee.

I’m sure we’ve all been in that sort of situation, I certainly have and have sometimes reminded the employee of the purpose of their job. Perhaps I take more notice of this having been in Customer Service for almost all of my working life – over 40 years. I also used to come down hard on any of staff if they gave bad customer service.

I can’t understand how this is newsworthy. The customer was WRONG and the employee was RIGHT.

Here are some rules for being a CUSTOMER:

  1. If you need assistance – Say ‘ Excuse me could you help?’ – do NOT say ‘where’s XX ??’
  2. Eye contact – make eye contact with the assistant. Oh and SMILE !!
  3. When you are being served pay attention to the person serving you. Do not carry on with a conversation on your mobile or a person you are with. The only  conversation that should be going on is with the person serving you.
  4. Say ‘Thank You’. ( oh if you’re American ‘Have a nice day!)*

Here are some rules for giving Customer Service:

  1. Don’t assume someone wants assistance as soon as they walk through the door. It’s a shop, they know why they are there. Just acknowledge their presence and get on with your task.
  2. When someone asks for help don’t just wave your arm and say ‘it’s over there’ give clear details or take the customer to what they are looking for.
  3. Don’t carry on a conversation with your workmates when a customer is in front of you. They don’t want to know how pissed you got at Kev’s party.
  4. Feel free to ask a customer to end their conversation so that you can serve them properly. If they have an issue with that quote number 3.
  5. Say ‘Thank You’. ( + American ‘Have a nice day!)
  6. The customer is NOT always right. Sometimes they are VERY wrong.

In these days of recession it is vitally important to give good Customer Service, it makes your customer feel valued and more likely to return and tell other people about their experience.

But all businesses could do without the likes of rude inconsiderate CUSTOMERS.  If you have a valid complaint then fair enough but this one just take the p***.

Thank you!!

*the ‘American’ aside is meant ‘tongue in cheek’ please don’t take offense!!


2 comments on “#Project365 week 27 day 4 – Red

  1. melanie edjourian says:

    customer was being rude and holding up a que, they were in the wrong not the staff xxxx

  2. I can’t believe the customer had the nerve to complain to the store but on the other hand, I don’t know that needs to give their full attention to the teller ringing up the items until they are ready to pay. On the other hand, I usually listen to podcasts while shopping and I always turn it off and remove the headphones when I approach the till.

    Too many people have forgotten basic manners on both sides of the cash register. The world would be a much nicer place if we would all be a wee bit more polite.

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