#Project365 week 27 day 2 – Shoes

Like most women I love shoes. However nowadays shoes do not love me!

I used to wear big heels in my younger days and had lots of pairs from flats to 3 and 4 inch heels. Full shoes, daps (plimsolls or sneakers), sandals, slingbacks..you name it I probably had them and in all sorts of colours too!

There was one pair that I loved and I wish I still had them – if only to look at them, as they’d be too narrow for my fat feet now – they were a pair of navy wedge sandals by Ravel, a mix of normal and patent leather. I adored them from the moment I saw them in Ravel’s window. Ravel shoes back in the 70’s were expensive compared to other companies.  When I bought them back in 73 you could ‘lay aside’ items and pay for them over a few a weeks. I was working in another shoe shop at the time earning £9 a week as a junior..(GAWD £9 a week I hear you say…oh yes..) and these shoes were £13.  (Over £130 in today’s value) Can you imagine paying more than a weeks pay on a pair of shoes??? I paid the store some money each week for a month and took home my pride and joy. Every time I wore them someone asked where I got them from. I treasured those shoes and I wore them for years.

27-52 (2)

Nowadays I go for comfort, usually flats or daps. I do have a couple of pairs of court shoes with a small heel but rarely wear them.
The pair in the photo were bought in the sale in New Look for £3. They are like wearing slippers, so comfy.


8 comments on “#Project365 week 27 day 2 – Shoes

  1. Emily says:

    I Love shoes – all kinds. I now wear shoes more for comfort than style. I actually love good shoes that last for years and still look great. Fun post. One of my favorite Pinterest Boards I have going is on crazy shoes http://pinterest.com/digiscrapstar/.

  2. Shoes are an addiction I have more than I can count. But they do bring a sort of happiness. Why is it that every time I come home with a new pair of shoes my husband rolls his eyes.

    Men don’t get it, do they?

  3. I have the same problem. But I am now substituting handbags as the objects of my affection!

    • Sue says:

      Oh gosh don’t get me on the subject of handbags..had about 30 at the last count..and enter any competitions going for more!!

  4. Lorena says:

    Thankful I do not have a shoe addiction….now that I’m thinking about prices. Although those shoes do look awfully comfy.

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