#Project365 24/52

At the start of this week we caught up with unpacking and doing the washing after our holiday.

I’m STILL waiting to hear whether I got the job after the interview 2 weeks ago. I chased the agency running the vacancy but go the usual reply when I asked for the consultant dealing with it..’She’s on the other line’ despite leaving a message I got no call back and when I called again on Tuesday she’s now on holiday!!! Certainly feel like I’ve been given the run around!!

On Monday I had a tweet from @TheCurryGuy to inform me that I had won his free range meat draw with @FarmersChoiceUk.  Lots of meat arrived on Friday – £125 worth, beef, pork and lamb joints, a chicken, diced meats and mince.. a whole drawer in my freezer!! Lots of meal planning and recipes to be looked up or devised over the coming weeks!

Disaster at Tesco on Friday, it really annoys me when the staff do not deliver customer service but nearly all staff at our local HUGE Tesco – apparently their biggest and a flagship store – are miserable. Hardly any of them smile and they all look totally unmotivated. Here’s 2 examples, first one lady doing the chilled food reductions, I had a glance at the products she had on the trolley, I saw some yogurts and after she put a ticket on them I said I would like one of them. Her answer floored me…’You have to take it off the shelf, I can’t hand it to you’ WHAT?????
A few aisles down I wanted to get hubby some nuts and they have moved them. I asked a member of staff picking the internet orders if she knew where they were moved to..she just waved in a general direction and said ‘ up there by the crisps.’
I don’t usually make an issue of things like this I just shrug them off …but after tasting the pears I bought I knew I had to make a complaint. The bag says sweet and juicy, but they taste like a mouth full of cotton wool, dry as stick.
I put it all on Tesco Comments website and had a reply back quickly from the Customer Service Team.  They say they report back to the store on the staff issues and go back to the supplier with product issues. They are sending me £5 to cover the cost of the pears and a small ‘goodwill’ gesture.

I also offered my management service to investigate the morale at the store – on a consultancy basis of course!!!

Anyway…onto this weeks piccies.

Ashley waggling his tongue
Winnie the Pooh in the dishwasher!
Molly thinking this is her new bed…WRONG. Get out…This is the guest bed!!
Freezer drawer full of lovely meat.
Those awful pears!!


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3 comments on “#Project365 24/52

  1. Erica Price says:

    Can never understand why people in customer service jobs are so grumpy. It can’t make their working days pleasant or go quickly. Well done on your win – sounds like a lovely prize.

  2. Poor pooh bear – I hope he was rescued! Well done for complaining, I don’t think we complain enough – perhaps if we do then we would all get better service.

  3. TheBoyandMe says:

    Eeek, I need to wash The Boy’s Oliver Monkey soon, he’s looking decidedly grubby.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

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