TRAVEL: Playa de las Americas – Tenerife

I booked this holiday via Easyjet Holidays and chose to stay at the Sunprime Coral Suites in Playa De Las Americas.  This hotel appealed to us as it is aimed at adults only – no kiddies crying and jumping about to disturb you.
It’s our 5th holiday to the island and the 4th in Las Americas.

The flight out:

We flew from Bristol and to be honest Easyjet really is easy, print your boarding pass at home, drop off your hold baggage and get through security. What you do need to bear in mind is that there is no entertainment and no meals, so make sure you take something to entertain you and your own food and drink. (They do snacks and drinks but they are pricey!) We landed at 8:30pm and after collecting our suitcase made our way to the transport office where we had pre-booked the coach to the hotel.
I was a bit apprehensive as there are a few horror stories of long waits for the coaches but we had no problem. By 9:15pm we were on our way, dropping off lots of others on the way to Las Americas. We eventually got to the hotel at nearly 10:30pm, by now we were both hanging for a drink!!

The Hotel:

We were made very welcome by Daniel and he quickly booked us in. We had room 435 and we were both impressed with the size of the room.  As you enter there is a small kitchenette with all the essentials. To the right a  good-sized bathroom and walk in shower.
Then through a doorway into the room, huge double mirror sliding door wardrobe with loads of hanging space, twin beds pushed together, a good tv on a shelving unit and 2 seater sofa. Also a good size balcony with chairs and a table.  We took a look outside and realised that we had a pool view and sea view, a good bonus as we hadn’t paid extra for it!!
The beds proved to be very comfy!

We had booked for bed and breakfast and made our way down for breakfast each morning at around 9am. Plenty of choice, cereals, fruit,  ‘english breakfast’ and continental meats and cheese. They also had lots of fresh breads, pastries, donuts and croissants each day.

There are plenty of sunbeds around the pool and there is also a roof terrace with lovely big seating pods to lounge in as well as more sunbeds. You have to make sure you are well covered with sun cream up there though. There is a breeze that keeps you cool but even under a brolly you can get sun burnt!!

The hotel is very central and there are lots of bars, restaurants and shops within easy reach. One of the reasons I chose it was because although being central it does not suffer from noise from local bars.

What impressed us most was the size of the rooms, comfort, public areas and the hotel is kept spotlessly clean by an army of cleaning staff.


Out and about:

As we’ve been to the island before we didn’t really feel the need to do any excursions. The Veronicas beach is about 10 – 15 minute walk away but you can also just go to the one by the Parque Santiago hotels which is 2 roads down from the hotel.
We also went to Los Christianos which is a 10 minute walk away but you can also carry on walking along the promenade then through the tunnel into Los Cristianos town and the Playa Vista beach. This walk will take a further 20 minutes but you can always stop for a sneaky drink on the way!!

The whole place is a lot cleaner than it was on our last visit. The pavements are cleaner and a lot of the public areas, bars etc just look cleaner and more inviting.

We did notice there are a lot less time share touts about and only saw them once. What really gets on your wick is the ‘Looky Looky’ men and women, selling cheap sunglasses, watches, bracelets and other tourist tat. They disturb you while you’re eating, drinking, walking about and on the beach. A polite NO usually sends them on their way but it get tiring after you’ve said no for the umpteenth time!!

Excursions you could take include : Jungle land, Siam Park, Loro Park, Mount Teide.


El Cedro –  Parque Santiago 2 – Opposite La Siesta Hotel. This restaurant serves international cuisine we ate here twice as the food was so good. I can recommend the pork chops and the lamb chops. The prices are very reasonable and the food is delicious.

Aberdeen Steak House – Los Christianos – We ate here as they have  3 courses for 8.95 Euros. We weren’t expecting anything gourmet and certainly didn’t get gourmet. But as long as you remember the cost it is good value but nothing special.

Aberdeen Steak House – Playa de las Americas – this restaurant is smaller that the one above and we popped in there for lunch one day. Plus local beer for a euro a pint..We got chatting with the manageress about holidays and family.
On our last day we wanted to eat a meal mid afternoon as we were leaving at 6pm. We headed back here, hubby had the mixed grill and I had fajitas. His mixed grill was good, as was my fajitas..not as good as mine though!!

Daniels – A few doors away from El Cedro – We ate here the last time we were on the island and the food was really good – hmmm a lot can change in 5 years!! Hubby ordered the mixed grill as they had an offer on for the day and I had the half chicken.
The food arrived and dug into my chicken to make sure it was thoroughly cooked and hot which it was. Not the same for hubby though.. the sausage was cold – and I mean out of the fridge cold! The small piece of steak was like shoe leather.  Hubby was so disappointed, he called the waiter over and told him about the sausage and steak and he offered to take it away and get him something else, he chose the chicken. We will never go back, there is just no excuse for serving cold items and not checking the quality of the meat.

The flight home:

The arranged transport picked us up on time and we got to the airport at 7pm for our flight at 9:30pm. The check in was closed until just after 7pm but that didn’t stop us being accosted by a ‘travel agency’ asking for our details to send us details of their ‘holidays’ on Tenerife.. I can smell a rat and time share (or Vacation Clubs as they now like to call it!) he was given short shrift from me.
One thing I cannot understand is why passengers queue up at the gate as soon as the gate number goes up. They announced the gate shortly after 8pm – the plane hadn’t even landed but still they stand there..and stayed there for nearly an hour. All the seats are allocated so what is the bloody point of standing?? We sit on the chairs and wait until the queue goes then amble onto the plane all relaxed.
I hated the flight back, you can’t drop the seat back so you are bolt upright trying to get some sleep. You also have the flight crew flogging their wares and announcing what they have. Why can’t they just tell you when you first get on the plane??  I was in the window seat and put my head against the fuselage but that makes your neck ache, the arm between us wouldn’t go all the way up so we managed to loop arms and drift off leaning on each other.  I was so glad we didn’t have a long journey to drive home.

Tenerife is a great place for a holiday,  Playa de las Americas is very commercial and aimed fully at the holiday maker.  It can be brash and noisy and bright but you can usually find somewhere a little more peaceful by going up hill from the main strip (oh and staying away from the Veronicas area – unless you are 18 to 30!)

Tell me about your Tenerife holiday – drop a comment below

This post is to share my thoughts and experience with my readers. I’ve not been asked by any company to include them – hence no links.
All words and pictures are my own and cannot be used or reproduced in whole or in part without my express permission. 


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