#Project365 21/52

I spent the start of the week sorting through my son’s belongings.  We’ve decided to put the double bed in one our spare bedrooms as he has mentioned that they may come home at Christmas for a little while.
Some of it will have to go to a charity shop – his desk and some clothing. Most of the smaller stuff, knick knacks and better clothing will have to be stored ready for a couple of boot sales.

Last week he and his girlfriend (Ashleigh) had their Civil Wedding Ceremony (same as our register office) so that he can apply for his Australian Citizen visa. Their ‘official’ wedding will take place in September, Ashleigh’s dad is a minister and he will be officiating.  The ceremony is on the beach on the Gold Coast.  We are so looking forward to it!

The pictures this week are in the form of a collage made with CollageIt software that I won a code for from Elaine over at Fun as a Gran. Thanks again Elaine!!

Pictures are from my walkabouts this week.  Flowers, Horse and the yellow one was taken looking through the holes of a tunnel on a jungle gym in the local park.


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3 comments on “#Project365 21/52

  1. jenny paulin says:

    wow it will be amazing to travel over to Oz for your sons wedding – no wonder you are looking forward to going. i love your nature shots this week – dandelion clocks have featured a lot as i have looked through other posts too. i love seeing them as they bring back so any childhood memories x

  2. Lovely collage of photos, and how lovely that you have the wedding to look forward to in beautiful Australia.

  3. nice holiday coming up then, sun see and sand. I like the horse, but I love the novelty value of the holes on the jungle gym

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