#Project365 19/52

The week started off well with lovely warm sunshine on Monday.  Lots of washing done and hung out, Hubby taking advantage of the sun and soaking up some rays. Me, well I don’t really like sitting in the sun so I sit in the shade on our big wooden bench.

View from my bench!

View from my bench!

Tuesday bought news that my son in Australia has been laid off from work. He worked for a famous airline and dealt with calls for high value customers needing access to lounges, help boarding etc. It was a new venture and the airline has decided not to continue with the service and the calls will be directed back to their ‘normal’ service call centre. He’s since got some part time work that will last to the end of the month. I hope he finds something soon (or decides to come home….Unlikely!!)

On Thursday I decided I needed some new dappers (plimsolls / pumps / sand-shoes) so I popped to the local shopping centre and took a look around. Some pink ones in Peacocks..mm not really me – they were a bit bright! Then I noticed a sale in New Look, I found two pairs at less than half price – woo hoo… One pair of canvas slip-on with grey/blue animal print and pair of daps – black with little flowers. Both pairs for £10!

New shoes!!

New shoes!!

On Saturday Ashley and I had a wander around Cwmbran.  Back at home he enjoys playing with his truck, mega blocks and has started scribbling on the Aquadoodle Mat.

Ashley playing on his truck

Ashley playing on his truck

He also likes being tickled and also tries tickling back – but that ends with him being a bit rough and slapping and pulling hair!! On saturday I had the laptop on while he played and he decided to climb up behind me on the sofa..cue a head bashing..he jumped a bit too much and the cushion under his feet went one way and he went the other over my shoulder and straight onto the coffee table – now that’s got to hurt it’s marble!! Well he cried and had a lump come up on his head.. oh bad Nanna!!! He soon recovered and we then had a hair brushing session..his hair is so fine it holds a good static charge and sticks up well!!

Can you see his bump - on the left..

Can you see his bump – on the left..




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11 comments on “#Project365 19/52

  1. It’s a shame about your son’s job but at least he’s already found something else! The picture of Ashley on his truck is very cute, as is the one with his crazy static hair!

  2. Erica Price says:

    Sorry to hear your son lost his job. He was lucky to find something so quickly even if it is only temporary. Like the hair picture.

  3. Jaime Oliver says:

    great pics, i hope your son finds some thing soon! and i am loving your new shoes x

  4. ouch at the bump, your always feel more guilt with the grandchildren than your own children, Im with you I dont sit in the sun either.

  5. jenny paulin says:

    i can see the bump on Ashley’s head – poor little chap although these things happen all the time.
    sorry about your sons job – i hope he is able to find something else. or you could have a new lodger moving back in!! nice new shoes too – perfect for the warmer weather x x

  6. Joanne Blunt says:

    It’s great to see washing on the line! Love those sunny days. Poor little boy with a bump on his head.

  7. emsyjo says:

    Love the shoes, and especially love a bargain!

  8. josnursery says:

    I love the truck photo. Looks like you had a good week

  9. TheBoyandMe says:

    Ouchy, I can see his bump, hope he recovered quickly. I love his tousled hair.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365

  10. Love the view from your bench (there’s nothing like the smell of washing dried outside is there?)

  11. jenny paulin says:

    Ashley has a lovely smile and is enjoying the sunshine at Nanny Mo’s – him holding that gnome made me laugh

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