#Project365 18/52

It’s been a slow week this week. The wedding is done and now there’s only the second son to sort out!

I do worry about him, his UK funds are getting low and despite us trying to sell his car no one seems interested.  (it’s a yellow Seat Ibiza if YOU are interested!) We are going to clear out his storage locker next weekend and start selling his house contents, so at least he’s saving on the cost of the locker hire.  It seems strange doing all this, it’s almost like dealing with a death..is it odd to feel like that??

On a brighter note, Hubby’s shift pattern means we started doing Orange Wednesday again this week and went to see IronMan 3. Excellent film, full of action and some good comical moments.

The photos this week are of our visit to Nanny Mo (hubby’s mother). We visit most weeks but this week had Ashley with us and dry and warm enough for him to explore her back yard. He liked playing with a big orange tub, swinging a mop hanging on the line and throwing a gnome!
He disappeared for a minute or two and we could hear him in the kitchen, watching his reflection in the handle of the cooker. It distorted his reflection and he was moving his head to watch the reflection. I grabbed my camera but do you think he would so it again…no!! So the one below is the closest I could get, at least you can see a reflection just to the left.

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2 comments on “#Project365 18/52

  1. I love the cheeky face with the gnome and the lovely close up in the kitchen.

  2. yes I was trying to get good pictures of Bob blowng bubbles, every time I took one he would not blow, or did not blow right. He seems to be enjoying tormenting the gnome. Love the purple flowers

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