#Project365 17/52

I said last week that this one would be a special post.

My oldest son got married this week. Our other son who is currently in Australia was unable to attend as he’s saving for his own wedding in September. His present to his brother was his transport to the ceremony – a DeLorean. It arrived shortly before 1pm and you could hear it coming. It came around the corner of the lane where we live with ‘Back to the Future’ playing from the stereo! His face was a picture, he had guessed it would be transport but wasn’t expecting the DeLorean!
The bride’s transport was a VW Camper – they chose this after seeing it at a wedding fayre.

They got married in the register office which is within a big house once owned by a local businessman and where the Mayor used to live. The house is great for weddings, having a well manicured garden and balconies for photo opportunities.

After the ceremony we all made our way to the reception at a hotel/pub a couple of miles from home. The reception was held in their new conservatory. Very light and bright, all the chairs were covered and had pink chiffon bows tied around them. They provided flowers for the top table too.
They chose to have a sit down meal rather than a buffet. The pub has a reputation for its food and has won local awards. They didn’t let us down!

The day went without a hitch, not many from our side of the family, just me, hubby, grandma, one uncle and a close family friend. Some of the brides family came down from Blackpool and the rest of the numbers were made up of the happy couple’s friends. Oh and the grandson of course!  Hover over the pictures for info.

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4 comments on “#Project365 17/52

  1. What fab pictures of a very special day, you must be so proud. I’m particularly taken with the picture of your gorgeous Grandson – so cute.

  2. Susan says:

    I adore the one of the little man “helping” to sign the register

  3. jenny paulin says:

    wow a De Lorean and a camper van as wedding cars – how amazing! A Back to the Future fan then?? lovely family photos and your grandson looks so smart and cute in his wedding suit. it looks like you all enjoyed a wonderful day – thanks for sharing these special memories of that day x

  4. TheBoyandMe says:

    Awww, they look so happy and such a lovely photo of you, nice to see you in one! I hope they had their magical day, your grandson looks smashing!

    Thanks for linking up to 365.

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