#Project365 12/52

Not a busy week for us. Hubby has been dreading going back to work.  If you remember…he’s been off from March last year until January trying to get his blood pressure under control and then had the past 8 week off using up holidays from last year.. It’s odd seeing his sofa empty!

I’m still getting to grips with the youngest son not coming home from Oz and his car is now up for sale and we’ll be going to his storage locker soon to get an inventory of its contents so it can be sold off.  We still have a bottle of JD unopened in the kitchen, that may have to go in our luggage when we go to his wedding later in the year!

One of our jaunts this week we saw some soft toys in the window of a charity shop. We popped in to take a closer look and the 2 in the picture were clean and only £1 each.

Bargain of the week – Tesco sent me vouchers recently which included one for £1.75 off if you buy 2 Oral B 3D toothpaste. When I went shopping they had the toothpaste on offer at half price £1.74. I bought the required 2 and used my coupon making them quarter price each!! Bargain..

I looked after Ashley on my own yesterday, we went to do a little fresh food shopping, played with his mega blocks and had lots of fun. He got a bit grizzly which isn’t like him so we had a cuddle and he dropped off to sleep. We don’t see him like this very often!

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9 comments on “#Project365 12/52

  1. jenny paulin says:

    i hope the return to work wasn’t so bad in the end. its a long time to not have worked isnt it. i like the sleeping boy photo- i do like seeing little ones asleep x

    • Sue says:

      To be honest Jenny I’m glad to see the back of him!! (in a nice way of course…) Dreading him retiring in a few years..I’ll have to get job before then!

  2. It looks like there are lots of things to adjust to at the moment.

  3. Jaime Oliver says:

    Hope hubby being back at work is now feeling more normal xx

  4. Joanne Blunt says:

    I love your bargains! I hope your hubby’s return to work was okay x

  5. Ashley will wonder where his granddad, it will seem strange to him. I know when my oh became uneployed having him around all day was a pain, now I just have him doing all my housework, washing and ironing.

  6. I hope the hubby’s return to work was ok for him! Your grandson looks adorable cuddle up there.

  7. Love the bargains, you can’t beat a bargain. Makes youedel great x

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