#Project365 11/52

Week 11 started quietly and we didn’t go far or do very much.

Most of the week was spent in anticipation of our weekend in Birmingham. An opportunity for a break, shopping for my ‘Mother of the Groom’ outfit and going to see The Script.

This is how the weekend panned out. We had planned on stopping in Ross on the way but it was raining hard and there is no covered shopping area there. I had a quick look at the Worcester website and could see that some shops were under cover and it’s relatively easy to get to as a quick detour.
We parked up and had a walk around the centre. I found a Roman outlet there so popped in looking for my Mum’s outfit. I picked up some palazzo trousers and a tunic to try on. Hubby was waiting outside the fitting room and he spotted some other trousers and a chiffon cardigan. It was like having a personal shopper with me!! I eventually bought the palazzo trousers and the chiffon cardigan. I was very happy as all would need is the Betty Barclay tunic top I saw on the John Lewis website.
We had some lunch and made our way to Birmingham.  Now this should have been an easy journey…but he was driving and being a bloke he can’t follow simple instructions. We left the motorway and he was instructed by me to take the second exit – it’ll say NEC.  Did he take it …. did he hell!
We ended up having to travel 2 further junctions to turn round and rejoin the M42! He was not a happy boy.. Still this made him chuckle…Lickey End!

11-52 (1)

We got to the hotel and unpacked and relaxed before popping into the pub next door to the hotel. The Little Owl is an olde worlde inn that serves good food…usually…
We ordered some drinks and decided what we were going to eat. I went to the bar to order and it was just before 7pm. Other people came into the lounge and they were served food before us.  At about 7:20 a couple sat at the table next to us and their food arrived shortly after. I asked the waitress how long we have to wait for ours – it was now 45 minutes since we ordered.  Their head waiter came over to apologise and retake our order as the barman had not pressed a ‘send’ button for the order to go to the kitchen! He bought us another round of drinks ‘on the house’.
Our food arrived 10 minutes later – very tasty and was soon demolished as we were both famished by the time it came!

On Saturday we went to Birmingham city for more shopping.  I intended looking for a tunic top and ended up in Anne Harvey. No decent tops but the jumpsuit I have had my eye on for a while was half price! Bargain! I now have one and a half outfits for the wedding!
We had lunch in Cafe Rouge using the last of some vouchers I won. Never been there before but was impressed with the food considering it was so busy. All the staff seemed to be happy too, which is always a bonus.
By 3pm we were knackered so made our way back to the hotel.  A  cuppa, a rest , a shower then a snack before getting ready for the concert. I’ve been a fan of The Script since hearing ‘The man who can’t be moved’ so was getting really excited. We drove to Birmingham International and walked to the LG Arena. We had a pretty good view even though we were ‘up in the gods’ on the side seating.  They were bliddy awesome and after the crowd sang ‘The man who can’t be moved’ Danny looked genuinely moved and said ‘Birmingham, how the f*** are we going to follow that?’
The concert finished at 10.30 and we made our way back to the hotel still high with excitement. We slept well that night!

We came home on Sunday, back to the cat moping because she’d been outside all weekend! (Don’t worry she got fed and she is usually outdoors for much of the day!!)

So for the first time in a few weeks we had a great week.

Piccies this week:

  • Screen shot of a page of the navigation (see above)
  • Selfridges bubbles
  • Random tree sculpture – disappointing shot as I couldn’t get the light right.
  • Sea of arms at the concert.
  • The Script in full flow. (Taken with my TZ8 on full zoom, flash and multishot setting)
The Script

The Script

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