#Project365 10/52

What a week! Taking photos has taken a back seat this week.

I mentioned Hubby’s operation last week and he came home on Saturday feeling a bit battered and bruised. The wound itself wasn’t causing any problems but his mouth was. Apparently it took them nearly an hour to intubate him. Not sure why but something to do with the shape of his throat. His mouth looked like he’d been thumped by Ali!!
His teeth were sensitive and he had a large mouth ulcer. Thank goodness it’s all settled down. He had the stitches and clips out on Friday but then some of the wound bled and he’s now covered in Steri Strips! He’s getting a bit of feeling back now too so he’s on the mend!
The scar is looking quite tidy and once the scabs go it won’t be too noticeable. He’ll be able to cover a bit behind his ear by growing his hair about half-inch longer.

Tuesday was a visit to the dentist for me. The chip that came off a few weeks ago ended with half my tooth collapsing. It wasn’t hurting but I decided to go and get it checked out anyway. I wasn’t looking forward to it as I wouldn’t be seeing my regular dentist so was really nervous.
Well the long and short of it is that the nerve is already dead – hence no pain – and there is enough left to crown.  He applied a temporary filling and I’ll be having the crown done later in the month.
When I came home I caught Molly sitting on the dining table on top of the DVD folder! She has a basket and soft rugs to sleep on but why on earth did she choose the DVD folder!!! Stupid animal!!

Why sit here??

Why sit here??

Wednesday – a long chat with youngest son in Oz. He’s made the decision not to come home at the end of the month, so will not be going to his brothers wedding. His finances mean there’s not enough to pay for 2 round trips and save for his own wedding in September. I can understand his decision but am devastated that he’s not coming home. I miss him so very much…

Friday bought a letter for me from the local constabulary! On the way from dropping hubby off at the hospital last week I set off one of their bliddy cameras and it clocked me doing 35 in a 30MPH zone. BUM!!!!!

Saturday – highlight of the week, the day we have Ashley for a few hours. A trip to do food shopping, a visit to Great Granny Mo, lots of treats and a play with my camera!! He’s such a poser!!

Our little poser!

Our little poser!

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2 comments on “#Project365 10/52

  1. What a week, such a shame your son won’t be able to make the wedding, will you be going out for his? Glad your hubby is on the mend and the picture of your grandson is lovely.

  2. sorry to hear one son not getting home the wedding of another. Hope hubby is feeling better, and oh dear for the speeding ticket, but then as a parent of a child that was knocked down by a car I never speed in a 20/30 zone, maybe on a bypass/motorway but not in a street.
    The grandson is a proper poser.

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