Room 101 part one (possibly!)

Some readers may be familiar with the TV programme Room 101 and some may be more familiar with the concept after reading the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell.

Room 101 is the place that contains the worst things in the world.  Each Room 101 is personal to you so I’m going to list some of the things I would relegate to Room 101.

This is only a bit of fun – I won’t be offended if you don’t agree. 🙂 It would be great if you leave a comment to say what would be top of your list!

So here’s the first 5 of mine:

1. Bad drivers on the motorway.

You know the ones…

  • The Middle Lane Hoggers. They drive in the middle lane at slower speeds that holds up everyone. They move out to overtake someone and never go back to the inside lane. Or they don’t have the confidence to be able to change lanes correctly. They are a nuisance and far more dangerous than someone driving a little over the speed limit.
  • Tailgaters. These are drivers that have no concept of keeping a safe distance from you. They don’t seem to know the 2 second rule. Or they are eager to get past you and think travelling close to your bumper will get you to move to another lane. You are in that lane probably overtaking a Middle Lane Hogger. I just slow down and keep in the speed limit and if they still tailgate I go even slower..
  • White Van Man. These drivers think they own the road, always in a rush and tend to pull out in front of you because they fail to check their mirrors. Quite a lot seem oblivious to the fact that mobile phones need to be used with a hands free kit and happily trundle along chatting on the phone.
  • BMW drivers. Controversial!! I really do hate BMWs. They are ALWAYS driven badly. Drivers think they own the road, ‘Oh look at me, I drive a German car so get out of my way’ They are all bastards.
  • Lorries trying to overtake another lorry.  Lorry 1 in the inside lane, Lorry 2 decides to overtake, indicates and moves to middle lane then takes the next 5 miles to overtake as they don’t have the power to speed up enough to overtake.  They then hold up everyone behind them as everyone behind you is indicating to move to the outside lane to overtake them.

The only thing that would keep this out of Room 101 is if the Department of Transport made it compulsory for everyone to have motorway lessons after passing their driving test.

Why are they in the middle lane?

Why are they in the middle lane?

Photo courtesy of FreeFoto.Com

2. Competition Cheats

  • Vote rigging – There are a number of competitions that depend on how many votes you can get for your photo or story. Many of them are run via Facebook. It’s a cop-out way of running a competition and very unfair. The winner is never the best entry, the winner is the person who can get votes. Some of these people use vote exchange sites or even buy votes.  A blogger friend of mine wrote a good post about this. ‘Super Lucky:Ten reasons why voting competitions are a BAD idea‘  Di has done other posts regarding Like and Share competitors, Pinterest competitions.
  • Multiple profiles – there are some people who enter competitions that have many profiles set up on Facebook and Twitter. They set up as names similar to themselves, their cat, their dog, profile pictures are ‘stock’ photos from google. All done with the hope of winning something worth very little.
  • Auto Entries – There are some ‘compers’ that register for sites that enter competitions for you. This means the company running the competition loses out on traffic to their site and the prize goes to someone who has never looked the site.  Part of the pleasure of comping is visiting sites that you never knew existed.
  • Fake competitions – There are some ‘companies’ on Facebook and Twitter that run fake competitions. These generally fall into several categories:
    1. Run a Like and Share and award the prize to someone they know. There was a spectacular one recently by a jewellers who gave a ring to an employee..
    2. Pages set up for a like and share competition with a big prize – e.g. iPad – but they are a small company with a handful of followers. You know the prize will never materialise.
    3. Facebook Like and Share with a prize when they get to e.g. 5000 likes but they are still in the hundreds! When they get to the magic number they have forgotten about the competition and never reply to anyone who asks about it.
    4. Facebook pages and Twitter accounts that appear whenever there is a new ‘must have’ gadget. When the iPad Mini came out there were several pages that appeared saying ‘Win an iPad’ there is never any prize it’s just a scam.

3. Recruitment Consultants

I have yet to come across a Recruitment Consultant that I would want to work with both as a recruiter and as a job seeker. I wish companies would perform their own recruitment. They will get better staff and they won’t have to depend on the opinion of a jumped up University Graduate or someone who thinks they know what the company wants.
More often than not they don’t know what the company wants and wouldn’t know a good candidate from a bad one.

I’ll give an example: I saw a job that more than fitted my skill set as a Team Leader / Manager, it had just been posted on recruitment web site. I made a copy of the job description and made notes against it with my experience, for once I could find something against each criteria.. Woo Hoo..
I checked my CV and made a few tweaks to ensure the Key Words were there. I wrote a cover letter outlining my experience and sent it off via an email address on the job advert.

I didn’t have to wait long for an answer – less than 5 minutes in fact with a stock answer that I was unsuccessful on this occasion. As usual no reasons why. I was furious, how could they have read my cover letter and CV in under 5 minutes?
I decided to give them a call, I rung the number on the email and asked for the consultant :

THEM: She’s out of the office interviewing today. Can I help?
ME: I can’t understand your answer, I sent my CV not 10 minutes ago and had a rejection with her name on it. If she’s not dealing with it could you put me through to who is?
THEM: We don’t discuss rejections.
ME: Well tell me the name and I’ll send a letter requesting an explanation.
THEM: Can’t do that either.
ME: OK. what’s the name of your CEO/ Senior Manager/ Someone in charge?
THEM Can’t give you that information it’s confidential.
ME: OK I’ll look it up on LinkedIn.
THEM: whatever. Goodbye.

Professional??? I don’t think so. I found the details of the Senior Consultant and sent them my CV and Cover Letter asking for an explanation and was ignored.  I thought I’d been reasonable, I hadn’t shouted or demanded anything other than someone actually READING my CV.
I tried to find out which company was being recruited for but got nowhere. It’s such a shame having to depend on these numpties to decide who goes forward and who doesn’t. They earn vast amounts of money for doing a piss poor job.

4. Unneccessary Outside Broadcasts by News teams

There are 2 types of outside broadcasts by news teams.
1. Necessary – where they report on an actual situation going on. I have no issue with this..
2. Unnecessary – where they send a reporter to stand outside a building to say something the newscaster could have said or they could have said in the studio. Let me give you an example..

David Cameron has said / done something (well that’s a whole other Room 101 – him actually doing something..but lets get back to this entry!!!) . The BBC/ ITV/SKY et al send a reporter to stand outside 10 Downing Street to tell us what’s been said / done. WHY??? imagine the cost of all that….the newscaster has already given us an outline, why can’t they tell us the whole story?
It’s the same with these:

  • Royalty – stand outside Buck House
  • Court cases – stand outside Law Courts
  • Anything to do with Parliament – stand outside House of Commons / Big Ben.
  • Hospitals – stand outside a local hospital

I’m sure you get the gist…I just cannot understand why they do this. If they want to cut costs this is where they should start!

Outside Broadcast

Photo courtesy of

5. People who don’t / won’t share blog love.

I’m not sure how to word this without annoying some people. The main issue here are people who visit your blog and don’t press the LIKE button or leave any comment about the post. It’s great that people actually visit – my top visits are 112 in a day – so not many compared to others…my top post in the last quarter had 60 views and had 1 comment and 5 likes – 3 of them are those stalkers that follow you and like your post the second it’s posted…so not read it.. well lets heap them into this too…while I’m having a rant!!!

Last year I linked up regularly to one Linky and occasionally to others. Whilst at the start of the year I wasn’t aware of the Linky etiquette of visiting / liking / commented on others, I quickly caught on and spent time visiting / liking / commenting on as many as possible but it gets soul destroying when they don’t reciprocate.
I’ve got to the point where I ALWAYS do my regulars and any who were kind enough to visit my post. I also pick at least half of the others in the link up.

If I pop to a post via Twitter, Facebook, email or RSS then I press the like button and /or comment. It’s just a nice thing to do. After all the Blogger has spent time doing the post.

Now don’t feel obliged…but if you have read / looked at this and got this far please press the LIKE button or comment to say you liked/disliked it. Tell me one thing that would be in your Room 101
Also feel free to FOLLOW!!

Go on give some Blog Love

Go on give some Blog Love


4 comments on “Room 101 part one (possibly!)

  1. BlazingWest says:

    Not familiar with Room 101 … but my room would be a lot like yours! Number 5 rang my bell – I follow and read, but often don’t click. Thanks for the etiquette lesson (it was needed).

  2. Helen Neale says:

    Great post – and gr8 idea, apologies for accidentally having it / stealing too! I am so with you on the driving thing as you can tell from my post. And all the others makes a lot of sense too – never really thought about the BBC thang, but now that you mention it, I so agree! 😉

    • Sue says:

      I wrote it while ago now.. Could probably find more to do a Part 2..
      I do tend to be a bit of a Victor Meldrew at times!
      Good to know there are others about that have their own Room 101!

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