#Project365 6/52

We’ve been busy this week sorting out clothing and filling our new wardrobes and drawers. We ended up with 4 black bags of clothing, 2 for the charity shop and 2 for the re-cycle bins.  It felt good having a clear out!

It was hubby’s birthday this week and we had the grandson for a few hours.  He loves having ‘giddy ups’ and getting up close to the camera!

On friday my Foodies100 prize came.  Kettle, toaster and mini processor – so pleased with them. They look very stylish in my kitchen!

Saturday we went to Cardiff with the oldest son and grandson to have a meal for his and hubby’s birthdays. We went to Pizza Express and had two romano pizzas between us. LUSH!!! Ashley was getting a bit hungry on our way to the restaurant so Daddy treated him to a small savoury slice from Greggs. We felt a bit cheeky sat in the restaurant while he tucked into his Greggs bag but they didn’t mind at all. I like places where you take a toddler and not be forced into buying food that you know will be too much for them. Kudos to Pizza Express – the staff were all lovely too and made sure a high chair was bought out and provided us with somewhere to store the buggy without having to collapse it.

I also found a new handbag!!  As we passed Ollie & Nic hubby noticed they had some on a sale rack just inside the door. I went in and saw the one in the picture. Just enough room for everything I tote around and reduced from £115 to £35..that’s what I call a bargain.

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4 comments on “#Project365 6/52

  1. Sarah-Louise says:

    The kettle and toaster look so stylish! 🙂 x

  2. What a busy week; still time to shop for a handbag though, what a bargain.

  3. Nikki Thomas says:

    Ooh lots of lovely new things! I need a new toaster and kettle too and those look lovely!

  4. your kettle and toaster and very similar in style to mine, well done on winning them. granddads make great horses so they do.

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