#Project365 3/52

Early this week I decided to tidy up a few plants in the garden.  With the winter being quite mild there are plenty of new shoots and life on the plants.

Tuesday was quite frosty and everything in the garden has a lovely icy look but by friday everything was covered in snow. We had about 2 to 3 inches. Plenty of photo opportunities!

On Saturday we had a bit of a thaw which gave opportunities to photograph drips and icicles.

Here are the photos for this week.

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7 comments on “#Project365 3/52

  1. redrosemummy says:

    Lovely snowy photos, hope thee cold hasn’t killed the pretty new shoots.

  2. Great shots, everything looks so pretty with snow! Love your drip picture!

  3. I love your driveway photo, the way you’ve caught the light makes it look very atmospheric.

  4. your new shoots will have had quite a shock will they not? I like the dripping icicles picture.

  5. Susan says:

    My favourite is the icicle but the connifer is a close second. Some great snaps there

  6. TheBoyandMe says:

    I have yet to be able to take a photograph of the frost, I don’t think we’ve had very much down here have we?

    Thanks for linking up

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