#Project365 2/52

Week 2 – Pictures 7 -10 taken on the same day.

006/365 – My attempt at some Mini Potato Dauphinoise. I saw Karen S Burns-Booth’s recipe over at Lavender and Lovage at Christmas time and have been dying to try them out. They were very tasty but next time I’ll use my Yorkshire pud tins. Cup cake trays just weren’t big enough.

007/365 A random plant out on our walk.

008/365 Whilst on our walk we saw this in the distance but couldn’t make out what it was. As we got closer we could see it was a type of crane they are using whilst building the new relief road. I’ll be glad when they open it we’ve had 9 months of disruption locally!

009/365 The farmer uses these troughs to feed his cows and horses in this field. They looked more like stranded boats after all the rain we’ve had.

010/365 The local railway track.

011/365 Woop I won £60 of Ticketmaster vouchers from Capital FM. I’ll be keeping an eye on the local arenas for upcoming gigs. (Pity Mrs. Brown is all sold out!)

012/366 – Picture of the Week – Ashley getting ready to play fighting on the floor with Grandad!

Getting ready to play fight with Grandad

Getting ready to play fight with Grandad

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9 comments on “#Project365 2/52

  1. jenny paulin says:

    your grandson is so cute what a lovely photo of him ! did you make individual dauphinose potatoes? not seen those before what a great idea! and well done on your win! x

    • Sue says:

      Yes they are individual. I usually make some in a small casserole dish but the recipe on Lavendar and Lovage looked so easy, I had to have a go!

  2. Our farm is only just recovering form the recent wet weather too, I can relate to that stranded troughs photo so well!

  3. Emma says:

    Can’t beat a good old play fight with Grandad!

  4. Mumsmoments says:

    i love Mrs Brown but not everyone does….shame it was sold out!

  5. love the pile of mud, and your grandson gets more cute everytime we see him

  6. TheBoyandMe says:

    That greenery shot is fantastic.

    Thanks for linking up

  7. redrosemummy says:

    Great collection of photos. Your Grandson has a very cheeky grin! Enjoy using your Ticketmaster vouchers.

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