It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas – #Project366

It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas, the Cocoa Cola and John Lewis adverts have been on TV for a few weeks now.
The neighbours have got their outside lights up  and the shops are full of Christmassy goodies.

This week has been spent sorting through the decorations and deciding just how many baubles the tree will take.  I usually put around 50 or 60 on it but this year will be quite a few more. Last January I bought 2 boxes of 50 baubles in a sale reduced from £10 to 99p! What a bargain! I’ve been busy threading them up as they didn’t come ready for the tree.

I’ve done some Christmas shopping and wrapped some presents.  The tree looks awesome with about 120 or more baubles on. There are still a few gaps to fill and I’ll be threading a few more baubles later – I still have about 50 left.

Here’s the pictures for this week: (347/366 to 354/366)

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One comment on “It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas – #Project366

  1. all, very Christmassy this week. I have approx 25 baubles on my wee Christmas tree and a bit of tinsel round the legs of the table it is on.

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