#Project366 Disaster this week

I could cry!

I have not posted any photos for over a week – (longer story!) I finally got my head together to do them this evening. I’ve taken some over the past week or so and even got one of the Moon and Jupiter! I took a few photos earlier for today and filled the storage card, so I deleted around 20 and took a few more shots.
I connected my camera to my laptop to transfer the photos and only one was showing, the Moon and Jupiter, all others taken in the past week would not display.
I disconnected my camera to look at them on it and none would display. Storage card completely corrupt!
I searched the internet for help but nothing worked to retrieve the lost pictures.
The only option was to reformat the card and start again.
I’ve lost all the photos since 25th November. I haven’t even got any on my phone..so 10 days now missing.
Lesson learned…clear photos off storage card after transferring them.

I’m gutted..the project has been hard work at times, but the finish line is in sight.
So it’ll be back to normal tomorrow..hopefully..

The Moon and Jupiter

The Moon and Jupiter

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One comment on “#Project366 Disaster this week

  1. this was very clear from here as well, but my camera would not make a good capture. Sorry to hear life is rough, mine has been like that as well, between things at work and my home life.

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