When I started blogging one of the first I followed was MultipleMummy. I signed up to email updates and loved reading her updates which were interesting, fun and happy.

A few months ago the family was left devasted by MultipleMummy being taken ill. Kerry had a brain aneurysm and is still very poorly but is getting the best care in wonderful hospitals.

Her hubby has had to take on the role of daddy and mummy to their 3 young children. He has also taken over her blog and has been posting updates for all the blooggers, mummy bloggers and (in my case) Nanna bloggers.

I can’t imagine what this has done to the family. How do you cope MultipleDaddy? How do you tell young children that their Mummy is poorly?

I don’t even know how he can write the blog updates – perhaps he does it the same way I’m doing this – with a tear in his eye.Β  Perhaps he feels that the updates are cathartic – a way of releasing. I hope he doesn’t sit like this very often…His most recent post Multiple Photos for our Kerry will tug at your heartstrings.

The thinker

Thinking – Pondering

I really do hope that Kerry is hearing our prayers and wishes and will make a good recovery.

Another blogger over at New Mum Online has set up a linky here so that bloggers can link up to send thoughts and prayers to the family.

Yesterday at 10pm we held a Twitter takeover, posting links to blogs, links to Muliple Daddy’s last post and all using the hash tag of #Healing4Kerry. It was in the top 3 trends..We all ate chocolate in honour of Kerry – MultipleMummy


Eat Chocolate!

Speedy recovery wishes from one soppy Nana Blogger here in Wales.

UPDATE 27th December 2012
It is with a heavy heart thatΒ  I update this post to report that Kerry lost her fight and sadly passed away on the 14th December. RIP Kerry.


4 comments on “#Healing4Kerry

  1. That is the first time I have heard it called a Twitter Takeover – that has had me laughing OUT LOUD.

    How apt as it was, it really really was.

    Brands didn’t even spam the hashtag which is also unheard of.

    Thank you for linking up such a lovely post.

    Liska xx

  2. Sue, your story about this family was so heartfelt. I very much enjoyed learning about them and will add them to my prayers.

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