326/366 Smart Meter

Yesterday we had our electricity and gas meters updated by British Gas. The technology in them means the meter readings will be sent to them direct via a sim card in the back of the meter.

This technology also provides the householder with information about their Electricity and Gas usage via a ‘Smart Meter’ machine. It glows green when you are not using too much but switch on a few lights, a kettle,  microwave or a major appliance and the green light moves to amber. Put even more on and it will move to a red light.

Smart Meter

When it was installed it told us that we were spending 8p an hour for electric. Not bad as we had the following switched on:

  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • TV / Sky / Surround Sound System
  • Laptop
  • Router
  • Central Heating controls (pump etc)

We’ve had a similar usage meter before and we took little notice of it. We’ll keep this one on – for now- it may make us think more about turning things on and leaving lights on when not in the room.

I have not been approached by British Gas to write this post. It is my own opinion written to keep up with  #Project366 and because I was impressed with the technology.
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