Crazy Sunday and Monday

We offered to have Grandson on the weekend so that the Older Boy could take his GF out for her birthday.  Sunday afternoon was spent playing with his toys and running us ragged!

On Monday we took him to the local Wacky Warehouse. I wasn’t impressed, the staff could barely be bothered. I asked if the play area was suitable for a nearly 2 year old and was told that there was a separate area for toddlers. This was a netted area with a ball pond, soft steps into a dark area with soft steps up to hole that toddlers are expected to haul themselves up to to get to a slide which comes down into the ball pond.
Hubby had to crawl into the darker area and help Ash get up to the top area. He froze and started crying, we couldn’t get to him and the staff just carried on with whatever they were doing, one was quite close to us. I asked if there was any way other than climbing UP the slide that we could rescue our little man and she shrugged her shoulders.  Fortunately another parent asked her 6 year old daughter to climb up to help get him to the slide. He wasn’t keen on staying in there after that but did enjoy wandering around watching all the other children. What gave him most fun was the plastic glasses we had for our drinks.

I think it’s shameful that these ‘adventure play’ places charge the same price for all ages of children. A toddler has less to play with so why charge the same?


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6 comments on “Crazy Sunday and Monday

  1. yes I agree with you, to me under 3’s should be free, you are buying juice and things anyway at well over inflated prices.

  2. Love the top pic. Soft play does cost a fortune when you add up all the snacks etc doesn’t it? Our local one does quite a good deal for toddlers with free juice and snack.

  3. redrosemummy says:

    Our local soft play centres have staggered prices for under 1’s, under 2’s and under 3’s. It is much better as we have seen that Bud gets more out of it as he gets older. I assumed all places were the same, I can’t understand why they aren’t really.

  4. Soft play is expensive, worth shopping around though as some are better value than others. Our play barn is free to our gusts, only small but it does the job!

  5. Erica Price says:

    Think it’s best to take the little ones during the school week as cheaper and quieter then, but that doesn’t always work for working families.

  6. Susan says:

    Those play places are a bit of a necessary evil. So noisy and expensive but generally a great way to burn off a bit of energy

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