294/366 Happy chappie in the ball pool

OS asked us to look after Ashley while he and GF went out for some ‘couple’ time. I offered to have him for the day so they could have some proper quality time without him running around!!

We took him to a local ‘family fun’ warehouse. Very expensive I thought..they charge the same price for all ages even though the under 3s area is tiny in comparison. We spent an hour there and Ash really enjoyed it.
We then popped in to see Great Grandma Mo then back home for tea and bed! The day went so quickly!

He loves having his photo taken and poses when he sees me with my camera! Big grins make this the Picture of the Week

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9 comments on “294/366 Happy chappie in the ball pool

  1. emsyjo says:

    Love ball pools! I wish they did adult size ones!

  2. Nikki Thomas says:

    He is gorgeous! You can’t beat a good ball pool!

  3. Ah, he certainly does look happy! Ball pools are fab :)n

  4. he certainly looks a very happy chappy. Its great to have them and spoil them silly before handing them back. A couple do need couple time, children are a drain on your energy and its noce us grandparents get the pleasure of helping out

  5. Awwww, when you get such wonderful happy photos sometimes it’s nice to spoil them (we’ve completely given up on our local centre with 3 under 4’s!!
    Gorgeous photo.

  6. Onedad3girls says:

    Lovely photo and the ball pit is always a winner with my girls

  7. what a cracker of a smile! thats one happy boy x

  8. Something all kids enjoy and such easy fun too.

  9. TheBoyandMe says:

    What a beautiful smile, such a handsome chap!

    Thanks for linking up

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