282 to 286/366 #Project366

There’s been a lot on my mind this week and I’m missing my son who’s in Oz. We chat on Skype but it’s not the same as having him pop home from time to time!

Pictures from Monday to Friday:

On Monday our tickets for the Script gig in Birmingham came – happy smiley face!!

Tuesday bought a letter from Gold FM confirming win of a trip to Bristol. Ironic as I live about 25 miles away and worked there for nearly 14 years! Will be nice to stay in the Royal Marriot though – quite a posh hotel and was called the Swallow until Marriot took it over.  Prize includes coach travel, boat trip and tickets to the M Shed museum. So it’ll be a good break for us!

Wednesday – Mother out-law gave us a foot stool some time ago and we’ve had it in a spare room but we’ve decided to make it over. Hubby has painted the frame and I will be covering it with some new material. The paint still looks a bit ‘fresh’ so I’ll be looking for a way of ‘knocking it back’ a bit.. Hubby not keen on the ‘shabby chic’ look though so it’ll have to be tasteful! Mmmm we’ll see…

Thursday bought another win – this time some Devnaa chocolates and an Indian dessert book. These were courtesy of  The Curry Guy. We’ve not started the chocolates so can’t comment what they are like yet.. The book looks really interesting and I do plan on making a few of the treats. When I do I’ll post about them!!

Friday – Both of us fed up of being around the house so decided on a trip to Cardiff.  We went with the intent of looking for a new rug for our living room. Our round indian wool rug really has seen better days. It’s looking worn now, but I suppose that’s to be expected as it’s over 20 years old.
We looked around several shops and found nothing we liked. We were both determined not to buy something for the sake of it and end up with something we felt was a ‘that’ll do’ rug. (if you know what I mean!).
On our way back from Cardiff we decided to drive back via the old A48 rather than the motorway and this took us though the western end of Newport and past George Street Furnishers. It’s an old store based in a huge warehouse and can be quite pricey. We popped in as they had a sale on. Most of the rugs were hung up in a carousel and we found one we liked that was almost half price but thought it was a little small at 5ft x 3ft. The salesman came over to offer help and he told us there was one larger one 6ft x 4ft that was also reduced and we decided on this one. I’m quite cheeky in shops and although the rug had been reduced from £289 to £149, I asked if it qualified for the 20% discount they were advertising..well no as it was already reduced but he would take another tenner off! Woo a 100% wool rug for less than half price.  BARGAIN!!

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2 comments on “282 to 286/366 #Project366

  1. a good week, Last rugs we bought were got in a DIY shop, they reduced them all from £125 to £25 and then we got our staff discount making them £20. still going strong 12 years later. I want a footstool.

    • Sue says:

      Mother outlaw paid £2 for it at a boot sale about 3 years ago. She hardly used it so passed it to us. If it had cost her anything like ‘full price’ she would see it rot before she’d give it away!! Tightest person I’ve ever met..LOL.

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