271/366 Tesco gets it wrong again!

Now we all know that Tesco stands for Value, but we all know too that Tesco also gets things dreadfully wrong! Prices that are wrong, shelf tickets that say £1 each or 2 for £3.. you know what I mean don’t you!!

Today we went to our local one. It’s big, it’s new and apparently the biggest in the UK. But they still get things wrong.  In this picture they have mixed 2 similar offers on the same aisle end. (see update at end of post)

One offer is your choice of 2 items of veg for £1 – the choice – Cauliflower, Broccoli, Iceberg lettuce, bunch of spring onions. Except in this branch they ran out of spring onions and decided to fill the shelf with bags of Crispy salad which is also on offer of 2 for £1.

I asked if this was an alternative to the onions The conversation went like this:
Assistant ‘No that’s not the same offer’.
Me: So why put it there then? It’s confusing and misleading.
Assistant: We probably had a lot of the salad and it’s put there to fill the gap
Me: Yes I can understand that. But it’s misleading as the Salad bag isn’t in the same offer. Don’t you think some customers will assume it’s the same one?
Assistant: Well it’s not the same offer as the salad bags are a separate offer.
Me: is the department manager about?
Assistant: No he’s at lunch.
Me: Ok then I’ll take a picture of this and I’ll be posting on Tesco Facebook page and ask for a response there.

I passed on the offer after this.  If an unsuspecting customer did chose the salad bag and another item they would pay full price for them and Tesco would be ‘up on the deal’ by nearly £1 each time.

This sort of laid  back attitude to their customers is shameful. I can understand the odd mistake of not putting an offer on the EPOS system but such blatant carelessness like mixing the 2 offers is unforgivable and shows what  utter disdain they have for their customers.

I have posted it on their FB page and am waiting for a response. UPDATE: After almost a day I had no response to my post. So posted again asking for an answer, I then got a response via Daniel at Customer Care:

I have viewed your post and I agree this does look very confusing.
I’ll contact the store this morning and ask them if they can add some more signage to this stand to make this more clear.
I’m so sorry for any inconvenience but I’ll get this sorted for you.

What’s your experience of supermarket errors? Let me know in a comment!


4 comments on “271/366 Tesco gets it wrong again!

  1. Seems par for the course with all the big supermarkets if all these recent Tv exposes and Which reports etc are to be believed. Its is a shameful, be interested to hear what response you get!

  2. I have to wonder at the mentality at times. I see things like £3 each or buy 2 for say £4, but when they become out of date they will reduce them to say £2.25 and therefore 2 out of date costing more than indate ones.

  3. Thats is terrible, I wonder how many times I have been caught like this in Tescos, I do not check my receipt very often. I will be keeping a closer eye on them from now.

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