262-266 #Project366

Lost the mojo to blog and do competitions this week. Perhaps something to do with having youngest son on the other side of the world!

So here is the catch up from Tuesday to Saturday.

262/366 Tuesday – Taking part in a Looper competition. I had to set my watch to 11.30, write on my arm and upload the photo..The things I do for a competition!!

263/366 Wednesday -I acted on a post on Brit Mums asking for bloggers to try out Special K biscuits. This is the amount I was expecting but got a full case of 6 boxes!! Only have to tweet about them too! Just so you know – they taste a bit like pop tarts!! (a pack of 2 Special K same calories – approx – as half of one pop tart!

264/366 Thursday – Hubby mentioned the grey roots so I got my bottle out!!

265/366 Friday – See below – Picture of the week – breakfast – pain au raisin, yogurt and orange juice.

266/366 Saturday – One seat cushion of the sofa has a bit of cracking and a previous repair where the middle seat was replaced has the colour fading. The sofa no longer fits through the door so had to be taken apart! It will be like this for a week. Our 2 seater is also with the repairer to have the seat cushions plumped up with new foam and webbing.  Bit of a pain having to sit on sunbeds or bean bag but the repairs still cost less than a new leather suite!

Check out my other Project 366 pictures so far.

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10 comments on “262-266 #Project366

  1. Love the colour of your couch. And how kind of hubby to mention the roots!

  2. I love your photos, they’re so crisp and clear. I read a lot of blogs but sometimes it’s nice to get more of the story from pics. I do have to admit, it’s good you explained the watch and writing on the arm one, who knows where my mind would have gone to on its own without an explanation!

  3. Probably time I sorted my roots out too! Those new special k’s look nice, I bet the kids would love them too if they could get their hands on some!

  4. sometimes your mojo does leave you and you have no notion. it will return. Never saw that shout out on Brit mums, must miss some.

  5. Erica Price says:

    Hope you’re enjoying your Special K – nice to have plenty to test and enough to share round for other opinions if you want too.

  6. Yummy food!

    Hope you’ve got your sofa back though!

  7. TheBoyandMe says:

    Hope that your son is settling down well in Oz?

    Thanks for linking up

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