#project366 Pictures 253 – 259

A week of ups and downs! First the downs – Problems with my car, son packing and getting ready to go on holiday then find work in Australia. Sleepless nights with OH snoring and me worrying – probably unnecessarily about son! Plus hubby now told the company will no longer be paying him while he’s on the sick. Glad we have a little savings and no mortgage!
Ups – Son going to Australia to see his girlfriend – means we get the house back to ourselves. Had grandson for the evening on Wednesday. Problem with car meant no big bill.

Here’s a collage of this weeks piccies and the one of Ashley in the car is the Picture of the week.

253/366 – Grandma and Grandad bears – these were presents from my work colleagues a few years ago.

254/366 – On sunday hubby reversed on the drive and there was a dreadful noise coming from the rear wheel. I hate having problems with cars as it usually means a big bill. We have a very reliable garage near us and I drove it to them first thing and the chappie took her up on the machine and spun the wheel. After a few spins he came across to see me and held out his hand – inside was a small stone! It had become lodged within the wheel, phew…no big problem, no big bill..all done for free as we are regular customers for servicing and MOTs.

255/366 We’ve been looking for pictures to put up in our newly decorated spare room but couldn’t find anything we both liked. Hubby suggested that we put up some block colour canvasses. So here you see the 3 we bought and painted with acrylics. They look quite dramatic.

256/366 My favourite lampshade – I had taken it down for a regular dusting. I bought it about 3 years ago for our bedroom, it’s shot silk and cost a bliddy fortune for what it is!

257/366 This weeks Tesco receipt – hopefully more like this now that our son has left home again. What I like about this is the multibuys and coupons that took nearly £10 off things we normally buy. I felt like an extreme couponer handing them over!

258/366 Son’s packing – saying no more..too sad but happy at the same time!

259/366 Quickly snapped earlier, oldest boy sat Ashley in the front seat of the car, he pressed the horn and made engine noises! It reminded me of his daddy at his age!

So that’s my week ups and downs the same as always!

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8 comments on “#project366 Pictures 253 – 259

  1. A real week of ups and downs, those teddies look gorgeous!

  2. Nikki Thomas says:

    Wow you have certainly captured your week haven’t you?? Cars are a nightmare, we recently had a huge bill and it is not funny!

    • Sue says:

      In March we had the car serviced and MOT’d then a month later one of those warning lights came up on the dash. When then hooked the car up to the engine management there were 2 problems and the bill to fix came to over £600.. so it’s cost us about a £1000 this year. So I was glad there was no bill this time!

  3. Susan says:

    Cars. such a pleasant surprise when it’s nothing major. Love the little one taking to the driver’s seat

  4. enjoy your time at home without your son!! bet it seems quiet without him. lovely photo f your grandson in the front seat, my boys love to do that too x

  5. TheBoyandMe says:

    Hurrah for your son but also slightly anxious for you as his mum? Love the block prints.

    Thanks for linking up

  6. you spend all your life bringing them up to be independent and self sufficient…but miss them like hell when you have been successful and they leave home. Love the pic of Ashley in the car.

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