#Project366 Randoms catch up!

Well what lovely weather we’ve had this week! It seems such a long time since we had a week without rain – well here in Wales anyway!

Here I am playing catch up again –

Wednesday – day 249 – It had been misty overnight and the dew had highlighted the webs in this bush.

Thursday – day 250 – Weekly shopping done and we went to Asda this week and whilst Hubby was looking for sweeties I found these.. Happy smiley face…and they are MINE… You hear..MINE!!!

Friday – day 251 – family get together before youngest son (YS) goes to Oz. He bought Grandson Ashley some Lego as he’ll not be here for christmas. As with all children he preferred the box!! PICTURE OF THE WEEK!

Saturday – day 252 – We seem to have amassed some new plants there are usually just 2 – the ones in the dark pots.  Going from the left – Coriander bought reduced in the local supermarket, YS jalapeno plant which is growing really well, either side of my COOK are my usual 2 plants, Basil also bought reduced – oh the smell :-), then lastly another jalapeno that our friend gave us, she’s useless with plants!

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6 comments on “#Project366 Randoms catch up!

  1. Jenny paulin says:

    I really like your wonder sill – very serene and a nice view when washing up ! Funny photo of your grandson with his head inside the Lego box ha ha x

  2. Erica Price says:

    Jealous of your kitchen. It looks similar to the one we had at before we moved house. Haven’t had the funds to redo our current one yet.

    • Sue says:

      We extended it about 6 years ago. Must admit it is a lush kitchen. You can only see a little bit of here. It was paid for with hubbys redundancy money. He was lucky to get a job straight away.

  3. Loving the mix of different shots. Your kitchen looks lovely and clean (unlike mine) and your grandson looks…. entertained ;-D

  4. It doesnt matter how expensive the present is, the box is always the best bit! Love the pic with the cobwebs in the bush, brilliant.

  5. It looks like there’s a face in that bush! Spooky!

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