248/366 St Fagans: National History Museum

We have not been to St Fagans National History Museum for quite a few years. We used to take our boys there when they were younger so I suppose it must be more than 15 years since we last went.  I’ve been wanting to go since we passed it a couple of months ago but the weather has been lousy.. so as it’s been dry for a couple of days we decided a day out was in order!

I took pictures of odd bits and pieces that caught my eye.

Celtic roundhouse – Very dark inside!

For those that don’t know, the museum is a Welsh Heritage Museum and various buildings from all around Wales have been moved and rebuilt at St Fagans.  It’s a wonderful place for those that love history (and Wales!!).

The age of the buildings range from Iron age Celtic Village (not the original buildings but  a faithful reproduction), tudor houses and all the way to 1916 with the Oakdale Workmens Institute.
Most of the older buildings are very dark and have low doorways and furnished to give you an idea of what life was like. Outside each building is a brief history and notes on the family (if known) or the type of people who lived or worked there.  If people think they are living in hard times today I suggest they take a visit and see how rough life really was back in the day!!

Hay Harvest

My favourite part of the museum is Rhyd-y-Car Ironworkers’ Houses, this is a row of 6 terraced houses that were built in 1805 but Robert Crawshay (an iron master who let his workforce live in abject poverty while he lorded it over them..all iron masters were the same!). The terrace shows what life was like in 1805 then in 40 to 50 year increments along the terrace ending in 1985. It opens your eyes to how times change.

There are lovely spots to take a rest and several areas where you can picnic or buy a snack. If you have children you can easily make a day of it.

Hay Barn

I got really interested in the history of South Waales when I worked at Pontypool Museum. I used to help categorise items for the library and achives and used to see lots of documents and books about the Ironmasters and collieries.

Celtic Knots

Have you been to St.Fagans? What did you think of it?

If you haven’t been, do you have a similar museum / site near you?

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4 comments on “248/366 St Fagans: National History Museum

  1. Fab there is a museum not far from here called Avoncroft thats similar .. I must take J there I think he would love it.

  2. That looks a really interesting place to visit

  3. I love that celtic round house, it reminds me of the Cornish round houses at Veryan, but this is clearly older still!

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