238/366 Ashley and Peppa Pig

Ashley who is 20 months old likes to watch Peppa Pig and Sponge Bob. He’s facinated by the actions and colours. We were told that Peppa Pig would be making an appearance at our local Asda Living store. We couldn’t waste an opportunity to take Ash to see her. His daddy remembered to dress him in his new hoody! Smart boy…

I thought he would be terrifed but he recognised Peppa and with Granddads help gave Peppa a high five!

Picture of the week!!

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5 comments on “238/366 Ashley and Peppa Pig

  1. Peppa must look huge from down there! What a treat, lucky boy!

  2. Granddad seems to be enjoying it as well. Yes peppa must seem very big to a toddler

  3. jenny paulin (@JennyPaulin) says:

    wow! peppa pig in the flesh!! bless him for being brave enough to touch it – sometimes these things can be over whelming or scary x x

  4. Susan says:

    Lovely to see how they are all having such a great time. You never know how it will go when they meet something so loved and so big

  5. oh Wow! The Boy hates those figures and not even Peppa can attract him!

    Thanks for linking up

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