This week #project366

I got behind by a few days so decided to keep photos this week for one post.

I reached a milestone – blog is one year old! I didn’t blog very often though! It wasn’t until I got involved in #project366 in January  that I became a Blogger!

During the past week my youngest son (YS) has moved back home. His job contract ended unexpectedly a week after he put in his notice for his house down here (he was paying rent for a house here near home and rent for a room in Chester!). This meant he would have been homeless so he asked to come home.

The past week has been spent sorting out all his ‘stuff’, packing and putting most of it into a storage locker. It took all day Monday to move all his belongings and most of Tuesday to clean the house so that he’ll get all his deposit back.

It’s really strange having him back home, he doesn’t have the same sense of tidiness that his Dad has so that sparks off a few heated words. Hopefully it’ll all settle soon.

While all this has been going on YS has been waiting for his working visa for Australia to come through. He’s already booked flights for a 2 week holiday to see his girlfriend and he wouldn’t have been able to go until the visa was confirmed. On Tuesday he had the good news that the visa was agreed, so now he has to decide how long to spend Down Under. How ever long it is he’ll be coming back for his brothers wedding in April.  So he’ll be off mid September, I’ll miss dreadfully but know it’s a great opportunity for him to see things and hopefully get a better life than the UK can offer right now.

Anyways…onto the weeks piccies.

224/366 – A local cat sat on the gate post of the house opposite watching our cat walking up the road. Not the best quality but it was dark and it was on my ipod camera!!

225/366 – Shadow on the wall of flowers in the hanging basket.

226/366 – My YS Jalapeno plant – he’s so proud of it!

227/366 – Lovely bottle of VSOP Brandy I won from Remy Martin. I’d like to keep this for Christmas.

228/366 – Little teddy I won from Whittakers Embroidery via Twitter. I had grandson’s name and nickname put on his t-shirt.

229/366 – The last Harry Potter book. BOught 2 years ago but only read a few chapters. I’m going to start it again as I’ve got into reading again. (The colour of the cover is faded as it’s been on a shelf in the sun!)

230/366 – Grandson Ashley and Daddy ( Oldest Son).  Picture of the Week.

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11 comments on “This week #project366

  1. Jo Bryan says:

    Great selection, particularly impressed by the size of your jalapenos, yum, love growing chillies!!

    • Sue says:

      They are my son’s pride and joy. He started growing them in his house then took the plant to Chester with him and took good care of it. It just needed repotting.

  2. A lovely selection of pics. I love the shadow shot on the wall. And your son and grandson x

  3. Erica Price says:

    Very impressed with the chilli plant. They’re looking irresistable.

  4. brilliant pictures, nice memories with the plant and the bear, not to mention the 2 generations together. It causes a lot of hassle when grown children who are use to their own house and their own ways fitting back into what was but is no longer their home. My oldest moved back with the 2 kids for over 9 months when her relationship broke up, and boy did it put a strain on our relationship as well as my marriage.

    • Sue says:

      Oh dear Elaine, I can imagine the strain. I end up trying to keep the peace. Hard sometimes though as it’s me that gets annoyed when he leaves his ‘stuff’ about or leaves food in his room.

  5. Jenny paulin says:

    I should te read my Harry Potetr books – hopefully one day my two will want to read them and then I can have an excuse to delve back in again. Your jalapeño peppers are very impressive! X

  6. I love cats, so the first shot is my favourite!

  7. Lovely photos, good luck to your Son, hope things work well xxx

  8. Love the shadows on the wall.

    Thanks for linking up

  9. Lovely selection of photos, hope things work out for both of your sons.

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